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AGDQ 2023 lineup includes a no-soap PowerWash Simulator speedrun

A Google Stadia run squeaks in before that’s shut down, too

Speedrunning charity event Awesome Games Done Quick is returning in January, and there’s plenty of PC runs among its freshly announced preliminary schedule. Notable standouts this time around are PowerWash Simulator, which might well be my personal GOTY contender, and a bonus appearance from cutesy cyberpunk cat sim Stray. There’s also a Google Stadia run of nautical indie action-adventure Wavetale, just a week before the streaming platform closes for good.

PowerWash Simulator launched in July, too late to qualify for SGDQ 2022.

AGDQ 2023’s Powerwash Simulator run is set to take place on January 13th, which happens to be a Friday. Extra good luck to all the runners there, then. That should be an interesting run thanks to its conditions of six players, all vehicles, and no soap. The PowerWash run is estimated to clock in at 45 minutes, which is pretty dang fast. Stray makes it onto the schedule as a bonus run on January 12th, in the Any% unrestricted category. It should take just shy of an hour.

You can also look forward to Neon White’s debut speedrun, and an Any% unrestricted run of Cult Of The Lamb on easy mode. January’s event won’t be held in-person because Florida. As I reported back in September, the AGDQ organisers pulled out of the venue they’d booked ahead in 2020 due to the US state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, and anti-mandate vaccination policies. You can have a flip through the full AGDQ 2023 speedrun schedule here.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 kicks off on January 8th and runs through January 15th. All donations go towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation. You’ll be able to watch on Games Done Quick's Twitch channel, YouTube, and their site.

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