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Agents of Mayhem blasting onto PC August 18

Got Seoul

Agents Of Mayhem [official site] - the Volition cartoony third-person, open world action adventure set in the near future of the Saints Row universe - now has a release date. It's August 18th (15th in North America), which is also Antonio Salieri's birthday. Volition have also released a new trailer but it doesn't mention Salieri NOR does it use the music of Salieri so please moderate your expectations appropriately:

Holly Nielson went to check in on the game for us recently and it sounds like she had fun, as did Adam when he checked in last year.

Here's what Adam said back then:

"Agents of Mayhem, as much as anything else, looks to be Volition's attempt to provide something exceptional on the action front. It’s impossible to judge having only seen a single mission but everything is pointing in the right direction. Gunplay feels much weightier, with shotguns causing kickback and hurling enemies across the room, while sniping in the heat of battle flips the entire approach to combat on its head. And you can switch at any time, swapping between the three agents taken on a mission with the push of a button."

And this is from Holly's peek today:

"The combat felt satisfying, and was genuinely enjoyable. Very quickly I found myself cycling through my three heroes, using one to blast away close range with a shotgun, then darting back with a faster character. It's a mechanic I actively wanted to spend more time with."

That's all good to hear because the initial marketing/round of trailers is something both Alice and I simply haven't gelled with.

Here is a link to the BBC's Composer of the Week episode about Salieri, by the way! Not sure if you can get it outside the UK but if you can it's worth a listen.

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