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Hey! My comment has been edited or deleted!

Yeah. Try leaving the insults out of the next one. And do bear in mind before you pen some 1000 word torrent of invective that it takes us a fraction of a second to delete it forever.

We’ll also allow Deletotron to feast upon comments that achieve precisely nothing – for instance “first”, “old”, “this sux” and the like. Note: expressing a similarly asinine sentiment with more/longer words doesn’t magically make it exempt. It’s also true of passive-aggressive comments that risk starting trouble for no good reason. Say something constructive or saying nothing at all, damn you.

In extreme or repeated cases, we’ll ban people. If this happens to you, causing you to realise the error of your feckless ways and you’re convinced you deserve another chance, sendy yon grovelling email here. We may listen, we may not. We certainly won’t listen twice.