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Alan Wake Remastered is real and arriving later this year

He has A. Wakened

The leaks were true: Remedy Entertainment have announced that the Alan Wake remaster is real, and it's coming out this autumn. The spooky shooter originally came out in 2010, though it didn't hit PC until 2012. Alan Wake Remastered is bringing the mysterious fella back in shiny 4K, along with commentary from creative director Sam Lake.

Remedy say the remaster's cutscenes, characters and "majestic Pacific Northwest vistas" have been visually enhanced, and it'll come with both its expansions, The Signal and The Writer.

Most people I know who played the game tend to rave about it, though Alec Meer found it "tedious" and "uninspiring" in his old Alan Wake review: "It has a setting and a tone that I really do thrill to, which makes me all the more downcast that its memorable shell doesn't house a more satisfying game."

While Remedy don't give an exact release date, a recent leak suggested the remaster would come out on October 5th. That would fall in line with the autumn release window the devs have announced, but we'll have to wait until a little closer to the time to find out for sure.

Sam Lake has written an open letter about Alan Wake and the remaster, talking about his experience working on the game, and what it means to him to bring it back. It's a nice read, and you can take a look yourself on the community website A Sudden Stop.

Alan hasn't been out much since the old game, but after Remedy bought the Alan Wake publishing rights from Microsoft back in 2019, they put him in their supernatural shooter Control, as well as Control's AWE expansion.

They could have even more Alan Wake for us down the line too. Last year, they revealed they were working on a new game set in the Control and Alan Wake universe. Prior to that, we found out they were working on a number of unnamed projects, including one live-service multiplayer game.

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