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Alan Wake Remastered will launch on October 5th

Via the Epic Games Store

For a sleepy guy, Alan Wake is moving at high speed. From leaked news of a remaster last week to an official announcement this week to tonight, when we got a first trailer and an imminent release date: October 5th. Watch the trailer below.

This is a remaster rather than a remake, meaning it's the same underlying game but with higher resolution textures and support for 4K resolutions. It'll also come with a new commentary feature from creative director Sam Lake.

Alan Wake Remastered will launch on October 5th for £25/€30/$30 via the Epic Games Store. Files found among Epic's store were the source of the original leak, which means the similar and simultaneous leak of Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to PC seem more likely.

Alec didn't love the pine tree horror in his Alan Wake review, but Katharine is a bigger fan, saying it was the first game she upgraded her PC for and that she'd do it again for the remaster. Looking at the screenshots, I doubt an upgrade is necessary, but let's hold her to it anyway.

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