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Algebral Blooming: PuzzleBloom

On this list of Good Things That Happened on the 5th of September 2009, I can now write: "Played PuzzleBloom." Thanks to a Mr Britton, who pointed out that the PAX exhibitor had wowed the locals, and is now wowing the internet, I loaded it up and smiled anew. PuzzleBloom is a 3D isometric puzzle game in which you must bring greenery and life back to cold, dead, industrialized floating islands. You achieve that by being a green fuzzy dude, who leaps parasitically from drone to drone, controlling their actions to gain access to a node which will light up the environment with trees and grass. It's a bit like Okami, only with mind control and no wolf ladygods. You have to play PuzzleBloom and you will do so here. Go! (Requires Unity to be installed, so don't fall at that hurdle, honestly.)

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