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Alice: Madness Returns, McGee Comments

More details have emerged about American McGee's sequel to Alice, Alice: Madness Returns. It's only stills, concept art, and rendered trailer at the moment, as Kieron broke down last week, but it's looking pretty interesting, with some smart design, and here an interview with creator McGee by Gametrailers. It's below.

Certainly the "American McGee" moniker doesn't carry as much weight these days. The original Alice was his post id heyday, and since then the average Scrapland, the risible Bad Day L.A., and the completely unexceptional Grimm games (which I'm slightly surprised to notice has released three seasons of episodes), have seen the brand tarnished. This Alice sequel is coming without his name in the title, which is likely a good idea. Alice is still remembered as an interesting platformer, and a sequel to that seems a good plan.

I like how he breaks down the plans for the game. Alice wandering through London, using Wonderland to explore her own psyche, to try to understand the deaths of her parents. It seems smart, although perhaps somewhat at odds with shots of blood pouring from Alice's mouth. Clearly it's a horror, but maybe a smart horror?

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Alice: Madness Returns

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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