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Alice's Evening... Stare? Blade Runner Blues

Enjoying views in video games

"What is walking and do walking simulators simulate it?" sounds like the sort of toss I'd open a post with. "And if a walking simulator isn't simulating walking, can a game simulate a walking simulator without walking at all?" Good. Great job, Alice.

Alternatively, I could say that if you click on through, you can watch a peaceful and pleasant video with nine minutes of Ray McCoy standing on his balcony listening to a chill Vangelis cover in Westwood's old Blade Runner game. On this night of nights, I think you might like it.

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Replaying Blade Runner, I've found myself taken with that balcony. Aside from one scripted moment of soliloquy, it's just there, waiting for you to stand on it and soak in the city. I had intended to sorta wedge it into an Alice's Evening Walk, as enjoying views in game-y games overlaps with parts of what I enjoy in walking simulators, but no, let's save that thought for another time.

Instead, I'll ask you: what are some views you've enjoyed in video games? Any places you stood and quietly watched it all go by, perhaps breathing in perpetual gloom or a frosty morning? I remember pausing to take in life buzzing around parts of the Citadel in Mass Effect games. The view of Los Angeles from the roof of Grout's mansion in Bloodlines, little lights trundling along distant roads. Crumbs, I'm doing myself out of a series here, aren't I?

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