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Alien: Isolation is free on Epic right now

In space, no one can hear you scream "THAT'S RAD" when you see Alien: Isolation is the latest free game on the Epic Games Store. As their Christmas celebration of daily giveaways continues, you have until tomorrow to grab the fine first-person horror game that's sorta a sequel to the classic film. It's a good'un, I say despite having given up on it myself because I'm too much of a spacebaby.

You have until 4pm (8am Pacific) on Tuesday to grab Alien: Isolation free for keepsies from the Epic Games Store.

After a long stretch of crap Alien and Aliens games, it was a wonderful surprise to see the best one in ages come from the studio behind Total War, of all people. It stars Amanda Ripley during the years her mum, series star Ellen Ripley, was lost in space in stasis. Then, an alien arrives. Unlike Aliens games about spattering acid blood all over, this is far more of an Alien one, a game of hiding and scurrying. Too tense for me.

"Isolation is the best Alien game I've ever played, I'm in no doubt about that," our former Adam (RPS in peace) said in our Alien: Isolation review. "Even in its awkward moments it is doing something interesting with the license, exploring the edges of what is possible in its world, quietly and discreetly. I expect the debate about certain design choices to be loud and long. At the centre of the debate will be one of the finest entries in the Alien canon in any medium, and one of the finest horror experiences in ours."

For free, it's fine if you too end up just shouting NO THANKS at your PC and quitting. The 15 days of free games come as part of Epic's holiday sale.

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Alien: Isolation

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