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They're Coming Outta The Goddamn Balls!

Aliens and Alien: Isolation pinball!

Before my parents abandoned hope of me not growing up a degenerate and allowed me to watch murdermovies, I was fascinated by the local swimming pool's Aliens arcade cabinet and Terminator 2 pinball table - Cool Things I couldn't have. Ooh, the hours I spent watching bigger kids play or waggling the joystick as I pretended to play the demo! This... isn't quite going where I wanted to. Let's skip ahead to the bit where I explain that an Aliens table is coming to Pinball FX2 this month as DLC. Also coming are an Alien vs. Predator table (boo!) and an Alien: Isolation one too (ooh!).

Yonking scenes and sounds from the movie, the Aliens table will have Ripley doing those Ripley things, sometimes even blasting alien tokens which advance on the flippers. That's a nice idea. The Alien: Isolation table is based off The Creative Assembly's game, with New Ripley being stalked by a big nasty. The third table of the set is AvP, about "a young Yautja warrior" hunting the beasties, and I guess this means I now know the official, wedged-in, canon-expanding name for a predator is 'Yautja'? I don't feel better for knowing that.

The tables are due on April 26th, which the announcement informs me is 'Alien Day'? Okay. My calendar tells me that's Tuesday, and that I do trust. Tables tend to cost £1.99 each. Here, have a peek at Alien:

I know Adam prefers into faithful recreations of physical tables for his virtual pinball, but what do you make of the imaginary ones Zen Studios make? I've heard some say Zen's table design can be lacking, but they do snag all these shiny licenses.

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