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All Back To Mine: Miner Wars MMO Pre-orders

Help an indie out. Miner Wars MMO, the promising looking space-based sandbox mining sim, has decided to go for the pre-order dollar. Twenty of them, to be precise. That down payment will help them kickstart the multiplayer version of their rock grinder, and pay for two years of access to the game.

As far as I can tell (the press release is written in broken English), they're using pre-orders as a way of gauging the interest in the MMO section of Miner Wars. There's currently a single and co-operative alpha being worked on, but if enough people want to spend their evenings gouging holes in asteroids with hundreds of other players, the funds raised will accelerate the MMO portion's development.

This is separate from the single and co-op portion of the game, Miner Wars 2018. That's available for pre-order for the same amount, and you can also download a pre-alpha demo of it to get a feel for the cockpit.

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