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All-women speedrunning marathon Flame Fatales has begun

The GDQ-affiliated event is raising money for the Malala Fund

If you're after a mid-year speedrunning fix, then I have some good news for you: the all-women Games Done Quick event Flame Fatales is on all this week. Like GDQ and AGDQ, Flame Fatales is a yearly charity speedrunning marathon, and this year they're raising money for the Malala Fund. So, stay tuned for some delightfully speedy gaming in Silent Hill 2, Stardew Valley, plenty of Sonic and loads more.

Flame Fatales kicked off yesterday, and there are already a couple of runs to catch up on. So far, most of it is console stuff like Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen and Super Mario Maker, but we did see a little bit of PC gaming with a Celeste custom maps run. Here's the full VOD from yesterday's stream (set to start at that Celeste run).

Unlike AGDQ and GDQ, Flame Fatales isn't a round-the-clock marathon, so at the time of writing they're on a short break. Keep your eyes peeled for when the stream kicks off again later however, because tonight at 7pm BST (11am PT) one runner is taking on Immortals Fenyx Rising, then at 1.45am BST (5.45pm PT) another will be racing through the witchy RPG Ikenfell.

There are a few more that I'm personally looking forward to throughout the week too. Tomorrow, we'll get to watch a Super Meat Boy run, which are always impressive. On Wednesday, a runner named "Kinda Nerdy Housewife" (excellent name) will be speeding through Stardew Valley's mines (excellent game). Thursday brings a big old Sonic block, as well as some spooky Silent Hill 2. Then Saturday has more Celeste, and some VVVVVV to boot.

Head over to the Flame Fatales schedule for more. The event started yesterday, and will run until 4am BST on Sunday the 22nd of August (8pm PT on Saturday the 21st), and you can watch it all on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel.

And if you're interested in the charity, Flame Fatales is raising money for the Malala Fund, a group that invests in and advocates for free and safe education for girls around the world.

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