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Waterman: Alpha Muse Trailer

Alpha Muse alpha available now.

Gaming filth pedlar and current vagabond Cara Ellison covered Alpha Muse almost a year ago, but I am returning to it and you can't stop me. Thpptptpt! It's one of those games that exist around the notion that music can be teased into the shape of a game. In its case, you're floating through an underwater world and every creature you meet is a musical element. You act as a muse* to these creatures, dragging them around as a flock. There's a pretty trailer beneath, musos.

How do you make music? According to the lovely Current Circus peeps: "Every creature in the Muse-Verse is a musical element – a note, chord, rhythm, sound effect or even longer song segments, tracks, loops and full compositions. These organic compositions can be tweaked and modified to extremes, enabling players to gradually create songs as they fly through the game-world."

You'll notice in the trailer that each close encounter with a new creature adds a new element to the soundtrack, and there's interactive "Wonders" that you fire to alter the composition. There's even multiplayer, enabling you to share your one-of-a-kind with others as you swim along.

If anything, it at least makes something incredible lovely of the underwater aesthetic. It's out now. Ish.

It is common practice to end such posts wrapping up a musical recommendation by suggesting the development team includes it in the game. I see no reason for it not to be this.


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