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Amazon's Spring Sale ends today and these are the best deals

Get 'em before they go

Today is the last day of Amazon UK's Spring Sale, so here's one final round-up of all the best PC gaming deals that are up for grabs. Whether you're after a cheap SSD, a new gaming headset, or a new gaming monitor, these are the deals to consider before they disappear.

Over the last week, I've highlighted dozens of great hardware deals from Amazon's Spring Sale, and some of them were so good that they've all been snapped up. The Crucial SSD deals I wrote about at the beginning of last week, for example, have all gone back up in price now, as has the Samsung 860 Evo deal that saw its 1TB version drop to a new low of £80.

The good news, though, is that most of them are still going, and I've rounded up the best of them right here below. So, if you're in the market for a new something or other, then make sure you get it today, because these prices won't be here tomorrow.


With the Crucial and select Samsung deals now defunct, the best SSD deals in Amazon's Spring Sale are now (yep, you guessed it) on WD's Blue SN550. As I said in my previous deals post about it, the overall savings aren't massive, but these are still pretty close to their previous all-time lows.

There are also some good SSD deals still happening on the new Samsung 870 Evo, too. This is Samsung's new replacement for the 860 Evo, and it's just as fast as its predecessor. Alas, prices still aren't quite as cheap as the 860 Evo, mostly because it only came out a few months ago, but as I mentioned last week, it's actually cheaper than our current recommendation for those after a big SATA drive right now, the Samsung 870 Qvo.

Finally, there are some decent deals to be had on Samsung's best NVMe SSD right now, the 980 Pro. This is their super fast PCIe 4.0 SSD, and both its 500GB and 1TB models have some pretty sizable discounts on them compared to their original launch prices.

External HDDs:

Alternatively, if it's loads of external HDD storage you're after, then there are loads of great deals to be had on various sizes of the excellent WD Black P10 right now. The 2TB model matches its previous all-time low price, while the 4TB model has never been this cheap. The 5TB model also matches one of its previous low prices, but has been cheaper in the past. Just don't be fooled into getting the Xbox ones, as they're exactly the same as the regular Black P10s, but are more expensive for some reason.

If it's big storage you want, though, then turn your attention to WD's Black D10, whose massive 8TB and 12TB both match previous deal prices. The 12TB model was a touch cheaper during Amazon Prime Day, admittedly, where it fell to a Lightning Deal price of £195, but today's price is still pretty decent all things considered.

Gaming mice:

Rejoice, mouse buyers. Nearly all of the Logitech deals I wrote about last week are still active, including RPS reader favourite, the Logitech G502 Hero, which is down to just £37 right now. The only exception is the wireless G903 Lightspeed, which has since gone back to its regular price of £90.

That's not all either. There are also a couple of new deals I didn't spot last week, most notably on Corsair's Harpoon Pro RGB mouse (a worthy rival to Logitech's G203 Lightsync if you're after something cheap and cheerful), the white version of Razer's ambidextrous Viper mouse (my current top pick for those after a symmetrical gaming mouse for right and left-handed players alike), and the wireless Razer Viper Ultimate, which has had £35 lobbed off its usual price to take it down to a new all-time low.

Gaming headsets:

The ever popular Razer Kraken is down to £53 at the moment, marking a drop of over £10 off its most recent price on Amazon, and almost £30 off its regular price of £80. All colours are currently on sale to some degree, but the white model is currently the cheapest. Their lightweight Kraken X headset is also going cheap at £36 today, while their premium Nari Ultimate headset is currently £30 off.

Gaming keyboards:

It's mainly Razer and Corsair keyboards that are on sale today, but nearly all of them either match previous deal prices, or have hit new deal records. The only one that's been cheaper in the past is Corsair's top-end K95 Platinum, which dropped to £120 over Prime Day last year.

A photo of the Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor

Gaming monitors:

It's fairly slim pickings for gaming monitor deals at this end of Amazon's Spring Sale, but there are still some decent offers on a bunch of Samsung, LG and HP screens still available, and I've picked out the best below. Admittedly, I wasn't wild about the Samsung Odyssey G9's HDR support, but it's still a very decent screen if you're after a massive 49in, 5120x1440 display - that's effectively two 27in 1440p monitors in one - and a saving of around £150 certainly isn't something to be sniffed at.

Both LG displays are also some of Nvidia's officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors, and the last time the 1080p 27GL63T was this cheap was all the way back in November 2019, according to my Amazon price tracker. The 1440p 27GN88A, on the other hand, is currently a decent-ish price at the moment, but has dropped as low as £400 as recently as January. Samsung's 240Hz CRG5 monitor has also been cheaper in the past, falling to £220 over Black Friday last year, but this is still a good price for a 27in, 1920x1080 240Hz gaming monitor regardless.

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