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Ambitious RPG Biomutant returns with a lengthy new trailer

It's alive!

It's been long enough since Biomutant was in the conversation that I'd assumed it had come out without fanfare, or else been quietly canned. But after confirming that yes, Biomutant is still very much in active development, developers Experiment 101 put more weight to that claim with a lengthy new trailer for the open-world mutate 'em up earlier today. It's a big'un, too, a whopping great showcase everything the devs have tried to pack into RPG during its long hibernation.

At 10 minutes long, Biomutant's new trailer is less a marketing blast and more a persistent reminder that Experiment 101's mutant monster hasn't gone anywhere.

Announced all the way back in 2017, Biomutant was planned as a huge, expansive world full of settlements to unite and Wushu martial arts showdowns. All of that built around an RPG system that would see your leading critter mutate and warp as you built them into a force to be reckoned with. It was wildly, staggeringly ambitious, something that seemed at constant risk of crumbling under its own weight.

The new trailer paints all of that ambition in a startlingly broad brush, painting a wild range of possibilities. Fortresses built atop giant tortoises, airships crossing vast expanses, Monster Hunter-adjacent battles with terrifying brutes and, more than anything else, dozens of fanciful fistfights between anthropomorphic warriors. It is inescapably a massively ambitious thing, to the point that it probably isn't shocking that the game missed its planned 2018 release window.

Speaking to IGN, creative director and studio founder Stefan Ljungqvist elaborated a little further on the game's long hibernation. "It's a huge game and we're a small team, and so we put ourselves into a cave and really started working hard on all of the details," he explained. "We're taking our time and I'm really happy that we are getting this time, and hopefully everyone will be patient with us and the end result will be proven to be worth the wait."

Biomutant still has no launch date, besides a tentative "2020" release listed on its Steam page. We'll believe it when we see it.

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