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American Truck Simulator’s multiplayer convoy hits the road

They’ve tuned up the beta and released it for everyone

You can officially hit the road with your friends in American Truck Simulator. Developer SCS Software added multiplayer convoys to the game today after a couple of months of beta testing. The new mode enables up to eight players (pals or otherwise) to truck together, doing tasks and admiring each other’s paint jobs on the long and open roads.

Update 1.41 is a big patch. Anyone can host a session, keeping it for friends only or letting people join via the browser. All the clients will sync, so the AI traffic, weather, and all your truck accessories should match. Something to think about if you’re hauling a galling trailer. Make it nice, there are people coming over! And this is the only game where I’d suggest switching off your "Trucksy Business" Discord channel and instead use the in-game option: CB radios.

Though the game hauls a lot of mods, they’re not available in multiplayer just yet, but the plan is to make them work. The player count is a conservative number that they hope to increase later in updates. It should be noted that this is everything Homer sang about in that Simpsons episode.

The update also adds part one of the California reskin. Roads should rumble and dip in all the right places, signs should be more accurate, and you’ll even have to pass state border checks to ensure you’re not hauling an invasive species.

If you have the game, the update should be idling on Steam waiting to go. Though it's planned, there's no word on when European Truck Simulator 2 will be recieving its multiplayer update just yet. But that's OK. There's a mod for that for now, too.

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