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Honk honk! American Truck Simulator's Oregon expansion is out now

Hop in your cab and head to The Beaver State

The highways and byways of The Beaver State are now open for business, as American Truck Simulator's Oregon expansion has just launched. Oregon is the fifth US state added to the cargo-hauling sim, and the most northerly so far. This means lots of lovely forest to haul lumber from, which pleases me as a trucking tourists, and of course Oregon's western edge is beautiful Pacific coastline. Clearly it's an expansion I've been waiting for, my scaled skin itching to get further from the desert.

As is the American Truck Sim way, this expansion adds a wee cut-down version of the state to the game's landmass. It adds fourteen cities--including Salem, Portland, and the The Dalles--tied together by 5,000 miles of simulated roads and trucking opportunities. Forests being a big part of Oregon, expect to drive past lots of pretty trees with a big load of lumber.

SCS Software boast about having created loads of new bits to bring their Oregon to life, including local flora, new industrial businesses, rest stops, landmarks (including "Mt. Hood, Thor's Well, Crater Lake, Crooked River Valley, Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Youngs Bay Bridge" and more, I'm told), and Portland's many bridges, so it should be quite different to other ATS states.

American Truck Simulator: Oregon is out now on Steam for £9/€12/$12. You'll need the base game too to play, of course.

Where's next after Oregon? SCS have said they want to keep adding states as long as it's viable, and have been expanding their development teams since launch. I'd guess the next expansion will head eastward rather than north, given that some folks prefer dry desert and scrubland to moist forest. Weirdos. Hey, SCS, how about just adding the Pacific after Washington? Let me drive into the sea.

SCS celebrate today's launch with a trailer telling a wee story. "Follow four friends on their daily jobs as they drive their big rigs through Oregon and meet up to celebrate the special day together," they say. Which is a cheeky bit of dramatic licence, considering you'll need the TruckersMP mod to add multiplayer to the game. But creates a handy opportunity for me to remind everyone that yes, multiplayer is possible with a mod.

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