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American Truck Simulator adds spectacle with Special Transport DLC

Coo, a big truck!

As a tourist behind the wheel of American Truck Simulator, I'm interested in anything making the world feel more alive, and the latest DLC seems great for that. Out now, the 'Special Transport' DLC whacks in honking great oversized loads from to industrial machinery to houses, so large that we need to follow police escorts and the TV news might send a camera to watch us. Yes, thank you. Come, Americans, come watch me drive big things through your big country. Don't worry: I'm getting a lot better at remembering which side of the road you drive on.

So there we are on these special contracts, a house or a silo or some big ol' tyres on our back, needing to get from A to B. Cop cars will come before and after us, blocking traffic to clear a route and even swerving into the opposing lane to warn drivers off smashing into our wide loads. Cops will be at intersections and such too, keeping other drivers--and us--in line. Big trucks being very exciting, TV crews and bystanders will gawp and extra workers will be around to see us off. Which sounds great.

Special Transport is basically the same as is similar to the DLC of the same name in Euro Truck Simulator 2, but in America. I'm okay with that. I'm not entirely sure why this is separate from ATS's Heavy Cargo Pack, which also added honking great novelty cargo, but I'm still into it. Sadly I haven't seen any Special cargoes yet myself, so here's a trailer:

The Special Transport DLC is out now on Steam for £4/€5/$5.

American Truck Sim developers SCS Software this week also added a new truck, the Volvo VNL. That's free for everyone. It's too fancy for my trucking tastes, but hey.

"This is only a start," SCS said, "with the manufacturer now officially on board, we can all hope that the road to include their latest and greatest will not be as long and bumpy."

I've still not properly had a drive around Oregon. I was away/occupied/something when it launched in October then forget, so I'm doubly glad for the launch of this DLC for reminding me.

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