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American Truck Simulator Gets A New Tractor-Trailer

Walk off to look for America

There I was, sitting on a beach sipping a strawberry daiquiri, slowly turning my blindingly pale body to a shade befitting a sun god, when I got the call. It was Graham. "Hayden, please: We need you to come out of retirement," he said. "There's a new-ish trailer for American Truck Simulator [official site] but none of us have known how to write it up."

"Say no more," I replied.

After all, who better to judge American Truck Simulator's pseudo-California than me, a person who lives in California? Nobody, that's who.

This new trailer's got it all: The jangly electronic dance music American kids are fond of, a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, a trucker wildly pulling into a rest area because he ate too many 7-11 taquitos.

And uh...Las Vegas? Listen, I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but Las Vegas isn't in California. I even double-checked it on the map:

Vegas is not in California, silly.

See those gray dashes? That (I think) indicates that Las Vegas is in a whole different state, which we Americans call "basically a barren wasteland" but which you Europeans can call Nevada.

Still, disregarding SCS Software's apparent disregard for geography, my mind is racing with possibilities. When my upstart trucking company is on the verge of bankruptcy can I risk my last few dollars in Vegas for some emergency capital? Can I get drunk and bet my truck on a hand of blackjack? Can I do cocaine off my steering wheel? The possibilities are endless, folks.

American Truck Simulator releases on February 3, giving you just three weeks to import some of the aforementioned 7-11 taquitos for a more authentic experience.

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