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Among The Sleep Wakes Up Screaming For A Kickstarter

Baby-troubling Among The Sleep is the only survival horror I'm interested in. The cute game of controlling a waddling baby through a scary house reminds me of the time when I was two and lost my teddy bear. It was pretty harrowing, but my dad found it about three feet away from where I was sitting. I survived, but the scars run deep. I could ply my therapist with more and more cash, and I could keep buying those expensive adult nappies, but I think I need to confront the horror head on. Among The Sleep will eventually help me out with that, but not before others help it out first on Kickstarter.

$200,000 is what Norwegian developers Krillbite Studio fancy they need to go from baby-sitters (part-time) to baby boomers (full-time), and make their game where the player is essentially helpless and clumsy. See trouble? You hide. And when you're a tiny, wee thing that crawls around at floor level half the time, then everything can be troublesome. I suspect the bairn's (I am Scottish, and have earned the right to use that word) movement is what's grabbing my attention more than anything else: the full body awareness seems excellent, and looking down and seeing wee booties and his pudgey little hands clenched has hit me right in the dad gland. That's a metaphorical gland, btw.

If you need to get that image out of your head, here's the Kickstarter pitch.

They're aiming for a December 2013 release. I'd have made sure the release date was nine months on from the Kickstarter, but I wonder how many people would have got that joke?

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