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Among Us The Skeld map guide

How to navigate The Skeld in Among Us

The Skeld is the first map most people will get their hands on in Among Us, mostly because it’s the default one selected at the beginning. It’s important to know your surroundings when playing Among Us, both so you can avoid death as a crewmate and avoid detection as the impostor. Here’s a map of The Skeld and some tips on how to play it.

The Skeld map

If, like me, you struggle to remember the specific location names in The Skeld while barking out orders and accusations, you’ll want a version of the map open in a separate window. Thankfully, we’ve put together a nice basic map for you to refer to, with annotations of the most important aspects. The red boxes and lines represent the vents that only the impostor can crawl through and the routes they can take through them, whilst the yellow triangles and boxes show the security camera locations and the areas they can cover when you examine the computer at Security.

The Skeld Among Us annotated map

The Skeld tips and tricks

Now you know all about The Skeld’s layout, we’ve got a few handy tips for playing this map. It’s the smallest map available, which may seem easier for the crewmates than the impostor, but there are all kinds of nooks and crannies to keep track of, so don’t get too overconfident.

  • As well as keeping everything shipshape, it might be a good idea, as a crewmate, to keep an eye on the rest of the ship. It’s easy to get tunnel-vision and only focus on doing your mundane tasks rather than carrying out more important surveillance efforts. Head to Admin, just below the Cafeteria, and use the computer on the left hand side of the desk. Here, you’ll be able to see how many people are in which room at the time and use that knowledge to your advantage at the next group meeting. Of course, the impostor can also use this to deflect, as well as plan murders, so always be ready to have to argue your case.
  • The same can be said for the camera feed, found in Security. The areas you can see with the feed are the yellow boxes on the map above, so if you’re passing through and have a minute, feel free to check the feed and catch anything suspicious. Yellow following cyan a bit too closely for your liking? Maybe this will be vital for the next meeting after cyan is reported dead by yellow.
  • Always be sure you remember the locations of the vents too - an impostor can hide away and zip around the map in the routes illustrated above, so who you see exiting a murder room might not be as red-handed as you think if an escape route exists in that same room.
  • As the impostor, I’ve found sabotaging communications very helpful in The Skeld, because of the blindness and panic it leaves with the rest of the crew. Dragging many players towards the bottom-right of the map, you can pick off stragglers and guarantee no one will be sitting in Security waiting for you.

Of course, the only real way you’ll win in The Skeld is by misleading your enemies or sleuthing the impostor, but keep our tips in mind - and watch out for foes also using them.

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Among Us

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