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Amy Hennig's untitled Marvel game has its first teaser trailer

It's set in Paris and Wakanda during World War 2

As previously announced, Amy Hennig's game for Marvel was shown during this evening's Disney games showcase. As was leaked, it's about Captain America and Black Panther working to fight against Hydra during World War 2. What I didn't expect at all was that the game still wouldn't have a name, although there are a few other details to glean from the most teasery teaser trailer.

"When we talked to Marvel initially, we wanted to tell an original story, and not feel like we were cribbing from something that already existed, although taking inspiration from all kinds of sources," said Amy Hennig in a post-stream interview with IGN. "We loved the idea of doing a team-up, in the classic Marvel sense where you take characters who haven't necessarily been in a story together, and then also to set the story in a time that would be unexpected."

Enter Captain America, Black Panther and the World War 2 time period. One thing that the leaks didn't mention was that the game is set across both Paris and Black Panther's kingdom of Wakanda. The tagline for the game, seen in the trailer above, also mentions "four heroes", two of which are not super. That doesn't mean it's a co-op game, says Hennig, although you'll be co-operating "narratively" rather than in the gameplay sense, she said.

While it's still seemingly early days for Hennig's Marvel game, it's not her only project. She's also working on a new Star Wars game at Skydance, after a previous attempt at the galaxy far, far away was cancelled.

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