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An Eventful Ending: City Of Heroes

It's a strange thing, bearing witness to the end of a world. When the final voices of Star Wars: Galaxies voices cried out and were suddenly silenced, I was oddly moved by the documentation of the event, even though I'd never played the game and am the only person on the internet who doesn't have any particular feelings about Star Wars*. The end of City of Heroes may well create similar scenes, at once absurd and poignant, and Paragon have now shared a list of the LAST EVENTS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. One of them is a Double XP event, which seems kind of like finally getting a gym membership just as the countdown to Armageddon begins. Full list of events and timings below.

Summer Blockbuster - October 5 - October 8
Double XP - October 18 - October 22
Halloween Event - October 26 - October 29
Winter Event - November 9 - November 12
Rikti Invasion - November 23 - November 30

Live Server Shutdown - November 30 12:00 AM PDT

The week-long Rikti invasion that shall usher in the final moments suggests there may actually be some sort of narrative closure. Even if there is, I expect there will mostly be dancing and mass gatherings. The FAQ of the end times has details of the closure. No new characters are allowed anymore, so if you haven't played for a while and want to be there at the end, you'll need to dig out old account details.

*if you are one of the tens of thousands of other people who doesn't have any particular feelings about Star Wars, hello!

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