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An underwater tour of Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Under the sea

I, like so many people, spent most of yesterday playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Except that by "playing" I mean "taking thousands of pictures of," because it is extremely pretty and has a good photo mode, and because I am very easily distracted. Thanks to Greece's gorgeous coastline, a lot of that photography took place in and around the sea. Come on in - the water's lovely.

There might be minor spoilers below the cut, if you want to discover all that the ancient oceans have to offer for yourself.

For starters, look, there are ruins under here! Beautiful Doric columns, lost to the tide and covered in coral and kelp. You can see bits of paint that haven't washed away yet, too, and - what's that? No, don't worry about the shark, he's chill and definitely did not attack me as soon as I took this photograph.

There are shipwrecks to be found, as well. Complete with skeletons for that real Halloween feeling.

But most importantly, there are friends to be made. This little one is my favourite so far, and I'm taking name suggestions.

Here is a group shot, with a bunch of little things that I really enjoy. The way the light refracts on the sand, the rolling waves above, how Kassandra holds her nose, and the variety of fish. Obviously they're not all shown here, but there must be double-digit numbers in the game as a whole. I love the attention to detail and all the hard work that must have gone into creating them.


Listen, don't worry about that.

Or that. Again, it's Halloween month, are you in the spirit or not?

Okay, you can maybe worry about this one, but I promise Kassandra is fine. You think shark teeth can pierce biceps that powerful?

Just look at how pretty it is. You're not going to give this up because of a couple of big teeth, are you?

Okay, what if I told you there's loot down here too. If you swim enough, you might get new armour that better shows off how buff Kassandra is, or new and better swords for her to swing about. It's win-win. (You can read Alice's Assassin's Creed Odyssey review if you want to know more about Kassandra, who is excellent, or if you want to know more about the rest of the game, which I hear exists, though I am yet to confirm personally.)

If not for yourself, take a dip for this seagull, who is very, very sad that they can't swim. Just look at that face!

I will admit, there's at least one good reason to stop swimming, and that's to photograph nightfall over the water. And to see all the other beautiful sights that ancient Greece has to offer. Also, there's a war going on and many, many quests to fulfil, if you want to get involved in all of that. I'm sure I will, eventually. For now, I'm mostly going to keep my eyes peeled for turtles.

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