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Ancient TF2: The Complete Go Team!

From The RPS Archives

Back, back, back, back even further, back a bit more, keep going, yes, not much further now and... there we go. You are now back in the most dim and distant past of the then tiny baby website Rock, Paper, Shotgun, a mere three months into our making-it-up-as-we-went-along existence. You will see ancient typos. You will see only glimmerings of understanding of how the internet works. You will see Kieron Gillen. And you will see The Go Team!, a multi-part mega-feature in which the four RPS founders present their assorted thoughts on Team Fortress 2's classes, based on our delightfully haphazard experiences in the original beta back in September 2007.

A warning: much of what you will read here might bear very little resemblance to Team Fortress 2 as you know it today. TF2's classes have changed immeasurably over the months and years, but more importantly player understanding of the classes very quickly grew leaps and bounds beyond our early, in-it-for-the-laughs summations of them. In other words: big huge chunks of these are now probably enormously innacurate.

Hold on to your microtransacted hat: here we go.

Part 1: The Heavy.

Part 2: The Medic.

Part 3: The Demoman.

Part 4: The Pyro.

Part 5: The Sniper.

Part 6: The Engineer.

Part 7: The Soldier.

Part 8: The Scout.

Part 9: The Spy.

Oh, were we ever so young? Well, yes. And we have the photos to prove it, which we weep over nightly.

Oh, were we ever so ignorant? Also yes, but at least that hasn't changed.

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