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And Also: Blood-To-Bowl Manager Revealed

It's a good year to be a Blood Bowl fan. Well, unless you're one of those folks who can't abide developer Cyanide. (I think they try to do a lot of interesting, ambitious things, but often end up fluffing them). Not only is a sequel to the relatively faithful and quietly successful 2009 PC adaptation inbound, but there's now also going to be Blood Bowl: Star Coach, which is to the Warhammer-themed sport of crunching heads what Football Manager is to the sport of foot-to-ball.

Cyanide are at the helm of that one too, and it's going to be free to play.

So long as they're not too cynical about it, I think it could be a decent platform for F2P stuff. Buying races, outfits, players and stuff makes a certain sense in terms of the manager roleplaying you'll be doing. If it's buying 'energy' or advantages I don't suspect people will be please, though. Here's one hint of how it's going to work:

Due date is second quarter of this year, which should mean we have it by June. It's also coming out on Mac and tablets, with the promise of cross-platform play. WE SHALL SEE. Obviously it's a big departure from Blood Bowl's rules, but potentially in a deft, relevant way rather than a not-getting-it way. So long as they, well, get it. There'll also be 'Cabalvision', which entails 3D replays of matches.

No website or footage as yet, but look, pictures! Look at them with your eyes.

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