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Android Nightmare: 2D Horror Uncanny Valley's Demo

The robots took my clothes

We've had a gander at the android nightmare of Uncanny Valley before, at its dark laboratories draped in synthflesh and filled with mannequins and metal skeletons. Now you can wander those frightful places, ducking behind servers and fleeing from horrible things, as developers Cowardly Creations have release a demo for their 2D survival horror. Boo! Don't worry, that was just me attempting to startle you with onomatopoeia, not a robot trying to assume your identity... this time.

Uncanny Valley gives a small taste of life as an android research facility's night watchman, who's been having awful nightmares about shadowy figures coming for him. And then the androids start coming for him. At times you need to sneak and hide to avoid them, while others you're fleeing in terror. Replaying the demo, I was pleased to discover that one time when they'd caught me wasn't the only possible outcome. I hadn't known, because the game had kept on rolling, but if I'd kept my cool I could've done and seen more. Uncanny Valley shies away from outright killing players, see.

Dying and repeating bits over and over makes games not scary, Cowardly say, so they'll try not to do that too often and settle for crippling you at times. Eventually. The demo's lacking the health system (which will be a bit like Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth's locational boo-boos and treatments) as well as inventory limits.

It still shows the tone they're setting, flitting between overt nightmares and nightmarish--which is probably worse. It's wandering close to that "Is this all a dream?" territory without ruling out that androids are RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW LOOK. Or a trailer. It's only a trailer. This time.

Uncanny Valley doesn't have a release date beyond "autumn" yet but pre-orders are open at the discounted price of €6.99 (about £5.50), with the promise of a Steam key.

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