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Angry Planes: Tom Clancy's HAWX

Tom Clancy's HAWX (High Altitude Warfare... Xylophones?) is due next month, offering you lots of shooty-bang action, shown in the latest trailer from the cockpit of your futuristic jet. Set in 2012, apparently nation states are coming to an end, and countries are increasingly relying on modern-sounding initialisms like PMCs (Private Military Companies). The Reykjavik Accords further legitimize them, we're told. And this means you need to shoot stuff with a plane! Good heavens, let's get to it. New video, and predictions for future Clancy games, below.

It looks quite good, really. You don't really see enough combat flight sims made by the big companies these days, and flipping crikey, the ground's detailed. For more helpful coverage, I heartily recommend checking out our interview with the lead designer, Thomas Simon, from last year. There's also a demo due on the 26th.

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Coming soon from Ubisoft and Tom Clancy:

Tom Clancy's MUTHAFUX

Set in the year 2019, gang warfare has replaced all the world's governments, using technology and weapons with lasers on them. The governments are in hiding, and you're their only hope. You must infiltrate the terrorist gang ruling Washington DC, the Mobilised Uber-Team Hardcore Ancillary Future Ultra-Xaviours (MUTHAFUX), using see-in-the-dark technology and guns with computers inside. It's the future of war!


Set in the year 2024, you've never been to the laundromat like this before! With terrorists running every location in the Washington DC area, it's up to you to get your clothes clean and dry, and take them all out before the night is through! Using computers that can see in the dark, you must hack your way into the tumble dryers before strangling the terrorists with any item of clothing you choose. Laundry Augmented Until Nearly Dry Removing Odours, Mess And Tea Stains has never been like this before!

Tom Clancy's TAXI

Set in the year 2099, taxi driving has developed into Washington DC's most dangerous pursuit, as drivers are forced to give fares to probably motherfucking space robots from the future! Shit, seriously, these are bad-ass robots, and you've got to totally drive them to their destination before TERRORISTS GET IN THE CAB AND START SMASHING STUFF UP! I guess TAXI stands for something too! Using infra-red goggles and computers so small they fit in other slightly bigger computers, this is the future of the taximeter cabriolet!

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