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Anime Mecha Battles: Project Nimbus On Early Access

Melodramatic mayhem

How do you prefer your giant stompy deathkill robosuits: serious, silly, or anime melodramatic? Because if you like your mecha all anime, oh my stars, Project Nimbus is one for you. Watching the game's trailer is like someone showing you a fanvid for their favourite mecha anime and saying it's amazing but you're dazzled by a blur of technological diagrams and robofights and dramatic voices saying things like "It's our duty to bring justice to the world. We are the only ally of justice."

In short, you get to blow things up as a flying mecha with machineguns, railguns, drones, missiles, and a honking great laser sword. It's out now on Steam Early Access for £10.99.

Nimbus is set in a future where the Earth is ruined and everyone's split into warring factions living in sky-cities. Obviously these wars are fought with mecha, who zip around blowing up ships, each other, and huge boss robots. It's all a bit Zone of the Enders or Gundam. Have a look:

Why Early Access? Developers GameCrafterTeam say "we would like to speak with a larger group of players. Not just for bug-fixing but also ideas and suggestions for game adjustment," and that Steam makes that a lot easier. Ahead of a launch in the first half of 2015, the Thai team also plan to add other three quarters of the campaign, survival and sandbox modes, and an Oculus Rift-friendly HUD. Nimbus soared through Kickstarter earlier this year.

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