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Anomaly 2 Deviates From The Common Rule

'Anomaly' remains a word my brain doggedly refuses to spell right, but fortunately the little red squiggly line in my word processor always knows what to do. One day we'll hire that guy, or girl. We're equal squiggly opportunities here, you know. 'Anomaly' is also the first word in the name of the upcoming sequel to 11-Bit Studios' inverted tower defence game, Anomaly: Warzone Earth. The sensibly subtitless Anomaly 2 arrives in just over a fortnight, on May 15, and while we usually don't post about preorder incentives because it's a slightly different weapon or a stupid hat or just being bullied by the man in Gamestop, when it's a free extra copy of the game it's rather less slight, stupid or bullying. It's still bloody preordering, of course, and you wouldn't preorder a car. You wouldn't preorder a handbag. You wouldn't preorder a television. You wouldn't preorder a movie. Actually, people probably do pre-order all those things, don't they? Political correctness gone mad, I call it.

But, yes, if for any reason you are already determined to tie yourself to Anomaly 2's mast - and it's shaping up to seem a reasonably solid one at least - 'buying' it now bags an extra copy to give to a friend. Or two of you go halfsies on the $13.49 price to get a copy each. This is not the first time 11-Bit have attempted attention-grabbing pre-order stunts, they being the studio who recently offered blind pre-orders at half price before they'd even said what the game in question was.

Unfortunately the deal expires before the release date, so I doubt we'll be able to run a Wot I Think while the two-for-one thing's still on. You never know, though. See if these trailers, one on the game's -aheh - story and the other a dev walkthrough of the rather more important multiplayer, are of any help to you.

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Anomaly 2

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