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Another UK Competition: Ashes '09

Cricket, the profoundly popular bat-and-ball sport beloved by my fellow countrymen, is in the depths of The Ashes, a contest to see who is the best in the world at not being too badly injured by a rock-hard ball thrown at a 1000mph by buff men. Spectacularly British development and publishing company Codemasters is making a game of it, where no one will be bruised, and to celebrate this achievement they will be providing us with a bat signed by Kevin Pietersen (which you can then use to fight off zombies) as well as some copies of the game. That's the game version of Mr Pietersen up there. Sadly, this is another competition open only to the Britons, sorry international types, we'll have some stuff for you to win soon. Read on for details.

Here's that bat:

If you want to win a copy of The Ashes Cricket '09 - which is clearly the best cricket game you're likely to play this year (I had a go a couple of weeks back, and even I was impressed with the options for beginner to expert play) - and have a chance to be the proud owner of the signed bat, then all you need to do is email us with the answer to this question: "What other sports could be improved with the use of protective armour and wooden bats, and why?" The best reasons will win, obviously. We judge them. Our judgment is final, and correct. Send your entries via this link, and please include your mailing address. Time honoured rules apply, and the closing date for entries is Saturday 1st August, 12pm.

(Fuel competition winners have been selected and sent off to Codies too. Congrats to Josh Marriage, who gets the art, and Louis Fixsen, Jack Wilkie, Simon Leary, Robert Buckley, and Keith Neilson, who get copies of the game.)

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