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Anthem A Simple Job mission - defending the shaper relic

Brin's next task for you she claims is but an easy errand. Some Arcanists researchers are looking into a Shaper relic, while the Sentinels are guarding them. Things quickly go wrong though and it's up to you to pick up the pieces and ensure the Shaper relic doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Anthem A Simple Job guide

In order to complete the missions in Anthem, you'll need all the intel for all of your Javelins, as well as the stuff that's not as well explained in the game. Head on over to our Anthem guide hub for various guides on the ins and outs of the game. You can also head back to the Anthem Missions hub to find the mission you are looking for..

Freelancer standing with some Sentinels at their base.

Travel from the start point to the Sentinel base. You're asked to examine the relic to give Brin some up-to-date reports on how the mission is going. She'll then inform you that one of the nearby generators has become unresponsive, and asks you to reactivate it. As you arrive at the destination, many Scar will be attacking it and more will be appearing via portals.

Taking them all down will reveal that this was merely a distraction for an ambush on the Sentinel base. Return there to find that a few portals open and plenty of enemies to kill. These will be more specialised units than the ones you fought earlier, so focus on the elite enemies before the rest.

Shooting up more Scars with an assault rifle. A fragment is just about visible, on the left of the big rock.

After these ones are down, some Hives will appear near the relic. Legendary and elite enemies will pop out of it, so this is the prime time to trigger any Ultimates if you've been charging them and waiting for the right moment. They'll keep coming out until the Hives have been destroyed so take those out first and then finish off the rest of the Scars. A squad of Sentinels will also request assistance with some Scars, so travel to the location and clear the area of the infestation.

Given that your position is compromised, Brin will tell you to move the Shaper relic. Pick it up and fly to the next destination. This will cause the relic to go live, so recover the four fragments and bring them back to the relic. The Scar will constantly attack you throughout this part, as well as any threats that emerge from the Shaper relic. Once the relic is neutralised and the enemies defeated, the mission will be complete.

Just a reminder that you can always head back to the Anthem Missions hub to find the mission you are looking for or head back to the previous main story mission: Anthem Incursion. This next bit is... well... tedious. You'll need to find the secrets in our Anthem Tomb of the Legionnaires guide.

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