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Anthem missions: Walkthrough for completing the game

BioWare's latest game is monumental in scope, meaning that completing the missions can be quite a slog. But like any Cypher worth their salt, we're here to give you all the intel you need to complete the missions in Anthem, from the story-based missions, down to the smaller objectives given by the three factions. Let's get cracking.

Anthem missions guide

In order to complete the missions in Anthem, you'll need all the intel for all of your Javelins, as well as the stuff that's not as well explained in the game. Head on over to our Anthem guide hub for various guides on the ins and outs of the game.

Mission types in Anthem

Anthem has three main mission types for you to complete. Each one gives you a designated number of objectives to complete and can either be completed on your own or with other players. The three mission types are:

  • Critical Objectives - These are the main story missions of Anthem. Complete each one to progress the main story.
  • Agent Quests These side quests are given by the three factions. Completing them boosts your reputation with their assigned faction.
  • Agent ContractsThese are smaller missions given to you by the three factions in-between Agent Quests.

On top of this, there are also World Events that take place during Freeplay expeditions. These are randomly generated tasks that are completely optional, but usually involve either defending a point or . There are also harder missions, the basics can be found in our Anthem Strongholds guide, which are more raid-like missions that give you bigger rewards, but require three other freelancers in a team to complete them.

Below are a number of tables, each one containing separate types of mission for you to complete. These are separated into Critical Objectives - which are the main story missions, as well as both Agent Quest and Agent Contract side missions. There are also Stronghold missions for those wishing to go into some of the hardest dungeons in the game.

Critical Objectives

Critical Objective missionMission Description
Anthem Silence the Heart of RageThe first mission of the game, in which you must reunite with your team.
Anthem Early WarningsInvestigate some sensors and prevent a cataclysm event.
Anthem Lost ArcanistFind an Arcanist named Matthias Sumner.
Anthem Lighting a FireObtain some Embers for Prospero to unlock crafting.
Anthem IncursionFind a Regulator and discover something catastrophic.
Anthem Finding Old FriendsReunite with Haluk and Faye.
Anthem Tomb of the LegionnairesTips for completing the challenges in the Tomb of Legionnaires Freeplay mission.

Agent Quests

Agent Quest missionFactionMission Description
Anthem What Freelancers DoFreelancersSave the Arcanists and help Freelancer Rythe with a Scar ambush.
Anthem Preventative PrecautionsSentinelsInvestigate the Arcanist base and seal a relic.
See in the DarkArcanistsUncover the secrets of some ancient runes for Matthias.
Anthem Hidden DepthsArcanistsReveal the secrets of the Elysian manuscript.
Anthem Cautious CooperationSenitnelsComplete this task for Brin and the Sentinels.
Anthem A Simple JobSentinelsDefend a relic with the Sentinels against the Scar.
Anthem A Favor To AskFreelancersCheck on the memorials of the fallen Freelancers for Yarrow.
Anthem A Cry For HelpFreelancersHelp Freelancer Diggs with his strider problem.
Anthem OverdueFreelancersThe Strider didn't arrive at its destination. Investigate why this is the case.

Stronghold missions

Stronghold nameDescriptionBoss
Anthem Tyrant MineShut down the ancient relics and defeat the boss.Swarm Tyrant
Temple of ScarDestroy the Scar and avoid the traps.Scelos
Heart of RageFend off against the Dominion and subdue the Titans.The Monitor

All missions count towards your overall levels, which you can find out more in our Anthem Pilot and Javelin levels guide. These are namely your Pilot Level experience, but it's also worth noting that constantly upgrading your gear, weapons, and components can help with your Javelin level. You can of course go to our  Anthem loot guide to find the best stuff at any time, though the quality of loot does depend on your current progress through the main campaign.

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