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BioWare's Anthem getting open beta in February

Three days of Iron Man fantasies

If you're curious about BioWare's sci-fi shooter RPG Anthem but have no luck with closed alpha invitations, hey, chillax: a three-day open beta is coming in February. EA call this an "open demo" rather than the usual "open beta", but a demo isn't open for only three days several weeks before launch so I'll use the technically-incorrect-but-widely-known term thank you, much to the chagrin of software developers who take terminology seriously.

The open beta will run from Friday, February 1st through Sunday the 3rd. People who pre-order (don't pre-order) or subscribe to Origin Access will also get to play the previous weekend, January 25-27.

EA don't say how big this demo is but I'd guess probably not massive? Probably some part which isn't an essential story beat and we've seen in loads of trailers before? Maybe that fight with a giant enemy crab? I'm spitballing here.

I like to imagine that 'freelancers' being Anthem's in-game term for people who must strap on roboarmour before heading out into the savage world to battle monsters is a cutting commentary on the state of work these days.

Anthem is due to launch via Origin on February 21st, priced at £55. Or it's thrown in as part of the £90/year Origin Access Premier subscription service.

EA last week finally announced a new Dragon Age from BioWare, though it seems we won't get to play it for ages.

They also blasted a new Anthem trailer during The Game Awards, which I'm told provides "the most in-depth look yet at the game's villain, The Monitor, and his grand designs." He's got a 1996 3D head and thinks he's doing good, y'see. Very in-depth.

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