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Apex Legends attachments [Season 11]: best attachments & Hop-Ups explained

Learn what each of the different Apex Legends attachments do

Want to learn more about the different Apex Legends attachments? It's a good time to check up on the in-depth explanations and stats on all the different attachments in Apex Legends, because Season 11 has brought with it a brand new Hop-Up to play with.

Learn everything there is to know about how the different Apex Legends attachments and Hop-Ups work, and learn which are the best attachments to prioritise while looting!

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Apex Legends attachments explained

Attachments are items that can be looted and added onto specific weapons to make them more powerful. Almost all the attachments in Apex Legends can be found in different colours or rarities, and each is stronger than the last. The weakest is white (common), followed by blue (rare), then purple (epic), and finally gold (legendary).

Some attachments only appear at a specific rarity level. For example, there's a gold Digital Threat optic attachment, but not a purple, blue, or white variant.

Each attachment belongs in a specific attachment slot, and is only applicable to certain weapons. You can't, for example, put a Barrel attachment on a weapon that doesn't support it; or a Sniper Stock attachment in the Stock slot of a non-Sniper weapon.

When you pick up an attachment, it will automatically be added to the first applicable weapon you're holding. If you want to change attachments, you'll need to head into your inventory and drag-and-drop the attachment into the right slot.

What are the best attachments in Apex Legends?

There's not really an objective "best attachment" in Apex Legends, because it depends on the weapon you're using. Certain weapons have drawbacks which make particular attachments extremely important. There are also Hop-Up attachments which affect only specific weapons, and these often give that weapon a very important benefit.

Overall though, I'd say the most important attachments in most cases are the Extended Mags, and the Barrels (or Bolts if you're using a Shotgun). Accuracy and ammo capacity are the most important weapon traits you can alter with attachments in Apex Legends. But again, it depends on your weapon. Check out our Apex Legends weapon stats page for more information about the different strengths and weaknesses of each gun.


While most Apex Legends attachments are limited to a specific category of weapon (such as Sniper Stocks and Sniper Rifles), Hop-Ups are special attachments which only affect one or two weapons. They can only be found in Epic or Legendary rarity, and they offer unique and powerful benefits to the chosen weapon(s).

Hop-Up Weapon(s) Rarity Effect
Boosted Loader Hemlok, Wingman Legendary (Gold) Increases reload speed and adds magazine capacity when reloading from almost empty.
Dual Shell 30-30 Repeater, Mastiff Epic (Purple) Reloads 2 rounds at a time instead of 1.
Turbocharger Devotion, Havoc Legendary (Gold) Removes wind-up/charge-up time before firing at full speed.
Deadeye's Tempo Bocek Bow, Sentinel Epic (Purple) Firing at the perfect moment increases fire rate.
Shatter Caps Bocek Bow, 30-30 Repeater Epic (Purple) Rounds split into a blast pattern on firing.


Optics attachments cover all kinds of sights and scopes, from 1x sights for SMGs and Shotguns to 6x and 4-10x for Sniper Rifles. Each of these can only be found in a specific rarity/colour.

The gold optics are unique in that they provide Threat Highlighting, which highlights enemies in red, allowing you to see them more clearly through Bangalore smoke and Caustic gas or from a distance.

Optic Weapon(s) Rarity Notes
1x HCOG "Classic" All Weapons Common (White)
1x Holo All Weapons Common (White)
1x Digital Threat Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs Legendary (Gold) Threat highlighting
2x HCOG "Bruiser" All Weapons Rare (Blue)
1x-2x Variable Holo All Weapons Rare (Blue) Toggle zoom level
3x HCOG "Ranger" ARs, LMGs, Snipers Epic (Purple)
2x-4x Variable AOG ARs, LMGs, Snipers Epic (Purple) Toggle zoom level
6x Sniper Snipers Rare (Blue)
4x-8x Variable Sniper Snipers Epic (Purple) Toggle zoom level
4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat Snipers Legendary (Gold) Threat Highlighting, Toggle zoom level


Barrel Stabilisers attach to various weapons across different categories, and reduce the recoil of that weapon. As such they are one of the most important attachment types you can find.

Barrel Stabilizers come in white, blue, and purple varieties, and they can be attached to the following weapons:

  • Assault Rifles: G7 Scout, Hemlok, R-301 Carbine
  • SMGs: R-99, Volt
  • LMGs: Devotion, L-Star, Rampage
  • Snipers: Longbow
  • Pistols: RE-45

Shotgun Bolts

Shotgun Bolts, predictably, can only be attached to shotguns. They increase the fire rate of the Shotgun, making them the most important attachment you can find for a Shotgun in Apex Legends.

The Shotgun Bolt appears in white, blue, and purple varieties, and each provides:

  • EVA-8: +8%/15%/18%
  • Mastiff: +10%/15%/20%
  • Mozambique: +15%/25%/35%
  • Peacekeeper: +15%/25%/35%

Extended Mags

Extended Mag attachments increase the magazine capacity of your weapon. The amount depends on the weapon used. There is a type of Extended Mag attachment for each ammo type (except Shotgun or Special ammo).

As of Season 10, Extended Mags no longer decrease reload times of weapons. This functionality has been moved to the Stock attachments.

Gold Extended Mags were added in Season 8, and provide the same benefit as Purple Extended Mags, plus the ability to automatically reload a weapon that has been holstered for 5 seconds.


There are two types of Stock in Apex Legends: one for Snipers, and one for Assault Rifles, SMGs, and LMGs. They both alter various handling stats, such as ADS speeds, and gun raising and lowering speeds.

As of Season 10, Blue Stocks also decrease reload time by 5%, and Purple Stocks by 10%.

Stocks can be found in white, blue, and purple varieties, and provide the following benefits:

Standard Stock:

  • 10%/20%/25% less ADS time
  • 15%/20%/25% less deploy/holster time
  • 10%/15%/20% less raise/lower time
  • 15%/25%/45% less aim drift

Sniper Stock:

  • 10%/15%/20% less ADS time
  • 15%/20%/25% less deploy/holster time
  • 10%/15%/20% less raise/lower time
  • 30%/50%/85% less aim drift
  • 10%/15%/20% slower drift speed

That's every single attachment in Apex Legends covered, which brings us to the end of this guide. I'd now suggest you head over to our page on the best Apex Legends characters to make sure you're on top of the current Legend meta.

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