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Apex Legends Bocek Bow stats [Season 10]

View our up-to-date Bocek Bow stats for Season 10

Season 9 of Apex Legends brought one of the biggest updates to Respawn's battle royale since the game's release, introducing a new Legend, tonnes of map changes and balance changes, a whole new game mode, and a brand new weapon: the Bocek Bow.

The Bocek is, as of the time of writing, easily the most popular and powerful Marksman weapon in the game, so let's delve into the Apex Legends Bocek Bow stats for Season 10 and talk about what makes it so powerful.

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Apex Legends Bocek Bow stats

The Bocek Bow may not be the most meta-dominating weapon Apex Legends has ever seen, but it's right up there. There are too many things going right for this weapon: it hits almost as hard as a Sentinel but with a far higher fire rate; it enjoys extremely high bullet speed and very little bullet drop; it requires no attachments in order to be incredible; it can be used very effectively even at close ranges; it's whisper-quiet and it can be very difficult to see where shots are coming from on the receiving end; and you never have to reload with it, allowing you to keep up the fire for as long as you have ammunition.

The Bocek Bow can be charged by holding down left-click to draw back the bowstring, and then releasing left-click to release the arrow once at full charge. Fully charged shots obviously have a slower rate of fire, but make up for it with double the damage.

Though attachments are not required for this bow to be powerful, it has an Optic slot which allows for 1x-3x scopes; and also two Hop Up slots which allows the Bow to use its two Hop Ups simultaneously. The Shatter Caps Hop Up adds a new firing mode which acts as a close-range shotgun blast. It's not great. But the Deadeye's Tempo Hop Up is incredible, increasing the Bow's rate of fire drastically when you release each arrow just as it fully charges. The same Hop Up also exists on the Sentinel, but the fact that the Bocek Bow never has to reload means you can enjoy the extreme rate of fire for far longer each time.

Promotional Apex Legends art of the Bocek Bow, Season 9's addition to the game's weapons roster.

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Overall, a frighteningly overpowered weapon, particularly in skilled hands - but even that isn't a requirement right now. It's not like the Bocek Bow is particularly hard to use; nor is it difficult to find enough ammunition to last an entire match.

The below sections go through just about every statistic that might be useful to know about the Bocek Bow in Apex Legends. The first gives basic stats, the second focuses on damage, and the third section displays various handling stats for the Bocek Bow.

Bocek Bow basic stats

  • Weapon Type: Marksman
  • Ammo: Arrows
  • Firing Modes: Single
  • Attachment Slots: Optic, Hop-Up (x2)
  • Hop-Ups: Deadeye's Tempo, Shatter Caps

Bocek Bow damage stats

  • Damage (Body/Head/Leg): 25/31/20 (60/105/54 charged)
  • Shatter Caps Damage: 77/91/77 (11/13/11 per pellet)
  • Shatter Caps Pellets: 7
  • RPM: 180 (107 charged, 158 at max Deadeye's Tempo)
  • Body DPS: 75 (107 charged)
  • Body Shots To Kill: 4/6/7/8/9 (2/3/3/4/4 charged)
  • Fortified Body Shots To Kill: 5/8/9/10/11 (2/3/4/4/5 charged)
  • Projectile Speed: 28,000

Bocek Bow handling stats

  • Equip Time: 0.75s
  • ADS Movement Speed: 85%

That's everything we know so far about the Bocek Bow in Apex Legends! Click any of the links below to head over to a similar page on any of the other weapons in the game. For an overview of how gunplay works and comparative stats on all the guns in Apex Legends, check out our larger Apex Legends weapon stats page.

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