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Apex Legends Caustic guide [Season 9]: abilities, tips and tricks

These Caustic tips and tricks could win you the match

Caustic has always been a terror to play against in Apex Legends, particularly in indoor spaces thanks to his deadly Nox Gas Traps. But follow our Apex Legends Caustic guide and the tips and tricks within, and you'll find that he can be a menace anywhere on the battlefield. Learn how to use his abilities to swing an unwinnable encounter in your favour as the Toxic Trapper.

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Apex Legends Caustic guide: strengths and weaknesses

Caustic is one of the most dangerous individuals you are likely to encounter in Apex Legends at the moment - or, he's a relative pushover. It all depends on the situation.

The clear downsides to Caustic are that he has a very large hitbox (enough to warrant the Fortified perk - more on this shortly); and that his skillset is not very diverse. He has no mobility tools, and it can be tough to master his Nox Gas abilities to get what you want from them.

On the flipside, he's a tanky Legend with the ability to make any confined location a living hell for enemies trying to push his team. His Nox Gas is still powerful despite the nerfs it received in Season 8, and the threat vision he gains on enemies passing through his gas ensures that he has the upper hand in such situations. A great Caustic player can use his abilities to turn the tide of any situation, even out in the open.

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Caustic abilities overview

Just like every other character in Apex Legends, Caustic comes equipped with a Passive (always-on) ability, a Tactical (activatable on short cooldown) ability, and an Ultimate (activatable and requires charging over time) ability. However, unlike other Legends, Caustic's powers all revolve around exactly the same tool: his unique Nox Gas, which damages enemies those caught inside. Let's take a look at how each of his abilities interact with this mechanic.

  • Passive: Nox Vision - you gain threat vision on enemies moving through your gas.
  • Tactical: Nox Gas Trap - Place up to 6 canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.
  • Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade - Blanket a large area in Nox gas.
  • Additional traits: Fortified - Incoming damage reduced by 15%. Not slowed by bullets.

A screenshot of Caustic using a finishing move on an enemy while surrounded by his own Nox gas.

Passive ability: Nox Vision

Nox Vision is what allows Caustic to be so deadly inside his own Nox Gas. Aside from being immune to the damage and other effects of the gas, Nox Vision lights up any enemies that are currently being damaged by your Nox Gas.

Your Passive basically serves as another reason to rely heavily on your abilities to spread Nox Gas across every encounter, and then pick off enemies while they are damaged and vulnerable.

Here are our top Nox Vision Passive tips for Caustic:

  • Nox Vision's highlighting effect only works while the enemies are in the Gas and taking damage; the moment they move outside the gas, the highlighting disappears.
  • Your threat vision does not work on enemy Caustics, so be wary if you see evidence of another Caustic's work nearby.
  • In many ways this works much like a Digital Threat sight attachment would, so if you find a Digital Threat sight, it's probably better suited for someone else on your team.
  • You don't need to be aiming down sights in order for the highlighting to take effect on enemies.

A close-up screenshot of a Nox Gas Trap placed by Caustic.

Tactical ability: Nox Gas Trap

Caustic's Nox Gas Traps are what you really think of when you think of what Caustic brings to the team. These large canisters can be dropped a (very) short distance in front of you, and can be activated after a moment either by proximity (i.e. if an enemy is close enough to it) or by being shot, either by you, a teammate, or an enemy. Once activated, these traps will spray out a cloud of toxic Nox Gas around it.

Here are our top Nox Gas Trap Tactical tips for Caustic:

  • Nox gas deals pure health damage, bypassing shields completely.
  • The Nox Gas Traps take a moment to inflate after being placed, during which they can be shot and destroyed.
  • While you can have up to 6 traps placed at a time, you can only hold 3 charges of the ability. However, you can pick up unused traps to regain a charge.
  • The main part of the Nox Gas Trap is bullet-proof, and can therefore be used as (somewhat effective) cover in certain situations. However, you can shoot the bottom red section of the trap to destroy it entirely.
  • These Traps are the only significant form of non-weapon damage available to any character at the beginning of the game, so take advantage of it early on when dropping in popular and confined areas.
  • Enemies that stay inside your Nox Gas take a steady 5 damage per second. If multiple Nox Gas Traps (or his Ultimate) are hitting the same enemy at once, then the damage only increases by 1 per extra Nox Gas source. So 3 Nox Gas attacks will together deal 7 damage per second.
  • You can use these Traps to block doors from opening. Even if an enemy kicks open the door, they'll still be gassed - unless they blow it open with a grenade and then shoot the trap's base.
  • It's a good idea to place down a trap and shoot it yourself after it's inflated, rather than relying on enemies to get within its detection range. The "detection range" of the canisters (beyond which an enemy would trigger the Trap) is half that of the actual Gas radius.
  • You should attempt to place these traps so they are not immediately visible, or enemies will just shoot the bottoms of them to destroy them. Place them around corners, in bushes, etc.

A screenshot of Caustic looking down upon a room filled with Nox gas.

Ultimate ability: Nox Gas Grenade

Nox Gas Grenade is exactly as you'd expect from the name; you throw a grenade, and it explodes on impact into a large cloud of Nox Gas, about twice the diameter of a regular Nox Gas Trap. The gas from the Ultimate deals 5 damage per tick just like gas from the Nox Gas Traps.

Here are our top Nox Gas Grenade Ultimate tips for Caustic:

  • Caustic's Nox Gas Grenade damage does not stack atop the Nox Gas Trap damage.
  • This Ultimate ability is an extremely powerful panic button. If you're caught in a very bad situation, throw the grenade at your feet and blanket yourself and your team in gas. It often saves your life.
  • One excellent aggressive use for the Nox Gas Grenade is if you are up against a team with a Bangalore, and they're hiding within Smokes. Throw your Gas Grenade in the Smoke, and it'll cause chaos inside the clouds of fog and smog, flushing them out into the open.
  • Throw down the Grenade on yourself while reviving a fallen ally for some added protection.
  • The Gas Grenade is extremely powerful in the very final circles if the match lasts that long. Wait until everyone is forced to move, then drop the grenade and try to stay alive.
  • The Gas Grenade can be intercepted by Wattson's Interception Pylon just like a normal grenade, so be careful.

How to play Caustic - top tips and tricks

Finally, let's finish up with some more general tips and tricks on winning Apex Legends matches as Caustic.

  • Be aggressive. Caustic is more vulnerable out in the open, so you need to close distances as quickly as possible. Go for flanks, find ways to turn the encounter into a close-quarters one where you can make good use of your abilities.
  • Find any opportunity to use Nox gas. Always look for opportunities to use your Nox Gas well. You don't have to be indoors - simply placing Nox gas around a peice of cover while outside can be a game-changer.
  • Use your Ultimate as a panic button if needed. I can't tell you how many times I've been caught in a situation where, as any other set of characters, my team would have died. But Caustic threw his Ultimate at his feet, blanketing the entire area in Nox gas, and we lived.

And that's everything we've got for now on Caustic. He's a tricky Legend to master, for sure, but I've seen some truly skilled Caustics before, and believe me, they can really ruin your day. There's no better time to start learning this buff-as-a-truck character, so why not take the plunge into the Nox Gas, and find out all his strengths for yourself?

For full details and opinions on all of the characters together, take a look at our Apex Legends characters guide for everything you need.

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