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Apex Legends data miners have found some big scary doggos in the game's files

On the Prowler

The last patch Apex Legends received was a big 'un, introducing lots of new Apex content hidden away amongst our game files. Not all of it is in use yet, of course, it's just tantalisingly hanging out back there, waiting for a new update to activate it... Or, waiting for a sneaky data miner to take a peek. And peek they have, for those files are hiding loads of unannounced skins, a potential new event, and these giant alien dog creatures who originally hail from Titanfall.

Discovered by data miner "Biast12", these beasties are called Prowlers, but we don't really know what purpose they'll serve just yet. They could be a bit like the Flyers, those dragon looking things from Kings Canyon that dropped loot if you shot them down. I don't see how the scaly doggos could carry death boxes though, so it seems more likely they'll be part of a future event.

Biast12 even made a video with some of the animations the beasts are meant to have. The fact that they have combat and death animations is getting my hopes up for a PvE mode, though they could just as well be put into the game to serve as an extra obstacle in the battle royale.

The Prowler is here!!! from r/ApexUncovered

There are already clues for some upcoming events, though. Other data miners have found info on a future Town Takeover for Bloodhound. While Town Takeovers so far have involved Legends getting a themed area on the battle royale map, it's entirely possible it could be linked to a new game mode. On top of that, there's a load of unused pings that suggests some other Titanfall creatures and enemies will be making an appearance soon. Crypto has pings for the Goliath, Reaper, and Spectre enemies, and there's even a Goliath weapon charm that's been found.

Of course, all of this could just be a ruse from the developers. Remember when they introduced the new character, Forge, then murdered him less than a week later? The game's design director, Jason McCord, told Dot Esports they pulled that stunt to misdirect data miners and fans. It's not unheard of for stuff to end up in game files and never get used, but at the same time, it's exciting to think about what they'll introduce to Apex next.

After all, it seems a bit extra to put entire creatures in the game files just to throw people off.

While we're waiting for any of that stuff to be officially announced though, Apex's System Override event just launched into its second week, taking us back to Kings Canyon for the limited time Déjà Loot mode.

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