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Head down to gloomy Kings Canyon for Apex Legends' very first story quest

Treasure huntin' on Kings Canyon

Season 5 has brought lots of lovely new things to Apex Legends: the new playable character Loba, huge changes to the Kings Canyon map, and even a rework for everyone's favourite holographic trickster. The newness doesn't stop there though, because last night the game's very first story quest went live. These weekly quests are called "Hunts", and they're part of The Broken Ghost, a series of separate PvE missions that will unlock throughout this Season. If you're into all the lore stuff, you're in luck, because it follows the Legends as they help Loba search for artifacts that could put an end to Revenant.

Before you do the first mission you can read a conversation between Loba and the rest of the squad about what they're up to. It seems she's roped everyone into helping her find artifacts to destroy a Revenant in another dimension. At least, I think this is the case. It's a little confusing right now, but hopefully future chapters of this story will make everything a little more clear.

This first mission is pretty simple. You drop in on the Kings Canyon at night map, head to point A to pick up an artifact, then go to point B to get extracted. You won't be alone, of course, as waves of Prowlers (the alien dogs, not the SMGs) will be attacking you for pretty much the entire time. It feels like these missions are all going to follow a similar sort of pattern, but I'm interested to see if they shake up that formula somehow. Seeing another PvE enemy like the Stalkers in the trailer below could be pretty cool.

You can play the Hunts solo or with a squad, and completing one will reward you with a weapon charm and the next snippet of story. They can be replayed, too, if you just fancy messing around with some PvE combat for a bit, or if you feel like you missed something the first time round.

It's worth noting that to do these missions you need to collect five treasure packs from supply crates in regular battle royale matches - and that's five every week to unlock each instalment, too. You can only get one a day, but it's not too difficult to find them, they're usually in the first couple boxes you open in a game. But if you’re really desperate to play the missions and are missing a pack, you can pay 25 Apex Coins (about 20p in real money) to click the little “catch up” button on the quest menu and grab one. (Though you can't actually buy just 25 coins, the minimum you have to get is like 1000. Hm.)

There's plenty more info on all this quest stuff over on the Apex Legends website.

In the meantime, you could read up about how Apex's devs reckon Lifeline could get a rework, or brush up on your skills with our Apex Legends Season 5 guides.

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