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Apex Legends' Fuse gets a tracker-like buff next season

He'll be able to see enemies caught in his fire ring

Apex Legends' new season Emergence kicks off later today, and Respawn Entertainment have now officially revealed all the little changes, buffs and nerfs on the way. The biggest tweaks come to Fuse and Caustic to help make their kits more useful, plus it's time to say goodbye to the Spitfire LMG as it swaps places with the Prowler SMG in the game's supply drops. Finally, my favourite gun will be available on the floor again and… oh no, they've nerfed the Prowler and done away with the Select Fire hop up. Respawn, why?

Of course, Emergence adds loads of new stuff too: like the Legend Seer, the Rampage LMG and new destruction on the World's Edge map. But more on all that in a bit.

As for Fuse's changes, in Emergence, his ultimate ability (which launches a ring of fire around enemies) will reveal enemy locations as long as they stay inside the fire ring. Right now, if you chuck fire at people it's pretty hard to capitalise on it because you can't just jump in there with them, plus they're pretty hard to see beyond the flames. This feels like a pretty big buff, though definitely a welcome one. Does this technically make him a tracker?

Players will also be able to toggle Fuse's passive ability on and off. This lets him launch grenades further and faster than other characters, but sometimes you might just want a normal throwing arc, you know? On top of that, his tactical ability, cluster grenades, will continue to explode for double the usual amount of time. I can see that one being reasonably deadly if you manage to stick them to a player. "Don't stand in the fire," the devs say.

Caustic is getting some love again too, with Respawn increasing his gas damage. Previously, they'd nerfed the smelly boy because he was dominating late game with his gaseous abilities. But rather than toning him down a little, it just made him rubbish. After tonight's patch though, his gas damage will slowly increase the longer an enemy stays in it, encouraging them to leave the nasty poison ASAP.

The devs have also fully explained the new Legend Seer's abilities. His passive lets him detect player heartbeats when he's aimed down sights, while his tactical ability shoots out little drones that fully reveal enemies and stun them for a short time. Then his ultimate shoots out loads of drones into a big blue orb that will tell Seer where enemy players are running around inside it.

As for weapon tweaks, the Spitfire LMG and Alternator SMG will only be found in care packages, while the Prowler SMG will be found on the ground with the normal loot. Sadly, there won't be any Select Fire hop ups, so the Prowler will be permanently burst fire with no option for auto. It's still fairly good in burst fire, but c'mon Respawn, you can't take away a girl's favourite gun then give it back with pieces missing. That's just rude.

Other notable changes and additions include: World's Edge's map changes, the new Rampage LMG (which can be charged up with Thermite grenades), the Anvil Receiver and Quickdraw hop ups are going away for now, the L-Star will take energy magazines and barrel stabilizers going forward, and loads more.

Check out all the details, including bug fixes and quality of life changes, in the Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence patch notes. If it follows previous Apex updates, the patch for Emergence should go live at around 6pm BST (10am PT) today.

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