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Apex Legends holo spray locations: Invitation Passcode secret challenge walkthrough

All the "Invitation required" holo spray locations on both maps revealed

Season 9 of Apex Legends is fast approaching, and wouldn't it be just like Respawn to offer players a secret challenge they can complete which offers them a glimpse at what to expect when the new Season drops?

Learn about the corrupted keycards and the "Invitation required" holo spray challenge currently overtaking Apex Legends; and use this walkthrough to find all the holo spray locations across both Olympus and Kings Canyon.

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Apex Legends holo spray locations

Apex Legends holo spray symbols have started to pop up across both Olympus and Kings Canyon lately. Once you start the hidden "Invitation" challenge, there will be 3 holo sprays dotted about every match, and you must interact with 3 of them (across multiple matches if necessary) to complete the challenge.

The 3 holo spray locations are randomly picked from a fixed number of possible spawn points across both maps. Here are the possible holo spray locations on both maps:

Olympus holo spray locations:

A map of Olympus in Apex Legends, with all the possible holo spray locations for the Season 9 Invitation challenge highlighted.

Kings Canyon holo spray locations:

A map of Kings Canyon in Apex Legends, with all the possible holo spray locations for the Season 9 Invitation challenge highlighted.

You won't be able to interact with these holo sprays until after you've accepted the invitation and started the challenge, so scroll below to find out how to do this.

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Apex Legends "Invitation" passcode challenge walkthrough

The first step of this challenge is to play a match of Apex Legends, and find and open a Care Package. Usually these Care Packages just contain three pieces of valuable loot, but until the end of the Season they'll also contain three corrupted keycards. Pick up one of these keycards, then either quit out of the match or keep playing until you die or win.

Either way, once you're back in the main menu, you'll see the keycard at the bottom of your screen. Double click on it and a cryptic voice message will play:

If fame and fortune is all you seek, Legend, your path ends here. But a new challenge awaits those who wish to prove their worth in the Arena.

You'll also receive a new challenge called "Decrypt the Passcode", tasking you with scanning three Passcode holo sprays in each map. Use the above maps to help with this.

Once you've completed this challenge by interacting with all 6 holo sprays, a third step of the challenge will tell you to "Enter Passcode at the Firing Range alone". So head to the Firing Range alone, and enter the Passcode on the launch pad to trigger the Apex Legends Arena teaser.

Apex Legends Season 9 teaser

For those who don't wish to go through all the rigmarole of unlocking it for themselves, I understand. You can still see the teaser itself in the below video.

Pretty cool, eh?

Arena looks to be a new Apex Legends game mode arriving with Season 9 (also called the Legacy Update), and to most players it's looking like some sort of small-scale team-vs-team deathmatch duelling mode fought on very small maps that are either points of interest on existing maps, or brand new areas specially crafted for the Arena.

And all of it will be overseen by Ash: an antagonist from Titanfall 2 and an ex-Pilot whose consciousness has been transferred into a robotic body, making her a "simulacrum" and practically immortal. There's a wealth of backstory surrounding Ash so be sure to have a read of her Titanfall wiki page.

"Impress Me" badge reward

Upon completing this holo spray challenge and playing through the above Season 9 trailer, you'll be given a new "Impress Me" badge which you can place onto any Legend's banner:

A screenshot of the "Impress Me" badge in Apex Legends, given to players who complete the holo spray challenge.

After Season 9 begins, this badge will turn into an Arena win streak badge. Everyone will get access to such a win streak badge, but completing the challenge will give your version of the badge a different look, setting you apart from the rest.

So that's how to complete the Apex Legends Invitation and Passcode challenge by finding and scanning the holo sprays on both maps. If you're as excited as we are about Season 9, you may want to take a look at our Apex Legends best guns tier list, to brush up on your weapon meta knowledge in time for the Legacy Update.

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