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Apex Legends Horizon abilities, tips and tricks

Use these top tips to master Horizon's abilities in Apex Legends

Want to learn how to master Horizon and her abilities in Apex Legends? Horizon has some of the flashiest abilities we've seen of any Apex Legends character. With her custom spacesuit and gravity-defying abilities, she has mastered the art of repositioning both her team and the enemy team to her advantage.

In Seasons 7 and 8, Horizon was by far the strongest Legend in the game. But the Season 9 patch notes hit her very hard, in in Season 10 she's still trying to recover. Is she still a top-tier character? Learn how to use each of her abilities to win fights with our Apex Legends Horizon abilities and tips page below.

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Apex Legends Horizon abilities

Horizon has three abilities like all other Legends in Apex. Those abilities are: Spacewalk (Passive), Gravity Lift (Tactical), and Black Hole (Ultimate). This set of abilities come together to make Horizon one of the most unpredictable and mobile in the game. She is an Offensive Legend alongside Wraith, Bangalore, Mirage, Revenant, Octane and Fuse.

Horizon is all about being able to scale distances, especially vertically, in the blink of an eye. Her ability to get above other players to take more favourable positions makes her almost always a strong option. More than that, her abilities help the team too, giving them extra verticality as well as making fights as in the player's favour as possible.

Horizon tips and tricks

Horizon's abilities all revolve around the use (or defying) of gravity to reposition both allies and enemies to her team's advantage. She changes the axis of fights in unpredictable ways, eventually trying to overpower enemies with better positioning or crowd control. Here's how to get the best out of her kit and win games.

  • Keep fights going. The longer Horizon is in a fight, the better she generally is. Her abilities, from her Tactical to her Ultimate, are about setting up to slowly gain more control of a fight. By way of your positioning and crowd control, turn the fight in your favour with your abilities.
  • Get the high ground. Having the high ground isn't a concept Obi-Wan Kenobi has a monopoly on. Since the dawn of warfare, having a height advantage over your opponent has been a strong strategy. Horizon is all about exploiting that. Get the high ground and shoot down on your enemies.
  • Be quick with Gravity Lift, and careful with Black Hole. Your Tactical is on a fairly short cooldown and can be used at a moment's notice whenever you think it may help you. But using Black Hole at the wrong time will completely waste the ability, so you may want to save your Ultimate for the perfect moment, such as when the enemy is healing.
  • Scout. Horizon can use her Gravity Lift to get a good look at the immediate area. By launching up and hovering on top of the Lift, she can see if there are any unlooted areas to perfect her loadout as well as other teams or fights nearby. When thinking about what to do next, getting a birdseye view of the situation. Just don't get sniped out the air while taking a peak.

A screenshot of Horizon using her Spacewalk ability in her character trailer.

Horizon Passive Tips: Spacewalk

Description: Increases air control and reduces fall impacts.

Thanks to Horizon's Spacewalk Passive ability, she is immune to the stun effect of falling great distances. Instead of landing hard, her boots will give out a soft puff of energy to cushion her fall. Alongside this, she can move slightly more freely in the air than other Legends, which works well with her Gravity Lift Tactical ability.

Horizon Passive tips:

  • With Spacewalk, you can feel much freer to jump down large drops in order to engage an enemy - but remember the same isn't true of your teammates.
  • Defy expectations when using elevator shafts with zip lines in them. Spacewalk allows Horizon to drop down without having to use the loud wire allowing you to surprise enemies who might be expecting a warning via the audio cue.
  • Thanks to Horizon's increased air control, she's the ideal character for learning how to do advanced manoeuvres such as tap-strafing.

A screenshot of Horizon using her Gravity Lift ability in her character trailer.

Horizon Tactical tips: Gravity Lift

Description: Reverses the flow of gravity, lifting players upwards and boosting them outward when they exit. (Cooldown: 20 seconds)

Gravity Lift is an interesting Tactical ability on a short cooldown which creates a vertical cylinder that you can jump into which lifts anyone inside it. You can move around freely in the air while inside the lift (a little more quickly than before thanks to her Season 10 buff), and if you move outside the cylinder you'll gain a horizontal boost in the direction you're moving.

Here are our top Gravity Lift tips for Horizon:

  • A quick Gravity Lift thrown at your feet can be used as an effective counter to an enemy Bangalore or Gibraltar ultimate, as you cannot be hit while in the air.
  • You can throw a Gravity Lift into a doorway to obstruct an enemy's attempt to run inside, making it very useful for giving yourself enough time to recover, reload, or revive a teammate.
  • Gravity Lift boosts you 30 meters in the air and stays around for 10 seconds. That's a long while, allowing you to scale and come down buildings multiple times to remain unpredictable.
  • On Olympus, Gravity Lift will pick up Tridents. Use this to both get you and your team up or put it in front of an incoming vehicle to throw it off course.
  • Gravity Lift can throw incoming projectiles such as grenades wildly off-course, giving it some limited Interception Pylon-esque functionality.
  • You can hover at the top of a Gravity Lift. This means you can get a better angle on an opponent at any time. Using a Sniper like the Charge Rifle of the Longbow are great from hitting unsuspecting enemies from afar. Just be aware that you're an easy to see floating target.
  • Gravity Lift is not nearly as powerful as a solo escape tool as it used to be. Instead, you should prioritise using it for its original purpose: as a team repositioning tool for taking high ground on an enemy.

A screenshot of Horizon using her Black Hole ability in her character trailer.

Horizon Ultimate tips: Black Hole

Black Hole is Horizon's Ultimate ability. Using it allows you to throw your bot, NEWT, a significant distance, after which it will create a micro black hole at its resting location which sucks in nearby players. The black hole lasts 10 seconds.

Horizon Ultimate tips:

  • Black Hole takes 3 minutes to charge, and after NEWT lands it takes about half a second to actually deploy the black hole.
  • The pull of the black hole can be fairly easily overcome by characters with a mobility tool, such as Wraith or Octane.
  • The Black Hole's pull is more than strong enough to upset the usual A/D strafing of an enemy enough that they become an easier target to hit.
  • Black Hole is particularly well-suited for pulling enemies out of cover while they're healing or reloading.
  • Black Hole will suck in projectiles like Grenades, Caustic's Nox Gas Grenade and Revenant's Silence. Use this to devastating effect for any player caught in the gravitational pull.
  • Black Hole will be destroyed by Wattson's Interception Pylon and Crypto's EMP. Be aware if engaging either Legend.
  • The Black Hole can be destroyed if enemies deal 200 damage to it, and most players you encounter will know to do this, so it's best to use the Black Hole in a position where you're also able to fire on enemies while they're preoccupied. Otherwise it's rather a waste of an Ultimate.

Apex Legends Horizon backstory

Dr. Mary Somers is thought of as one of the greatest astrophysicists ever to live. Her work helped solve some of the galaxy's biggest energy crises, by discovering a renewable energy source called Branthium.

There was a catch though. Branthium is only attainable on the accretion disk of a Black Hole. In order to help solve the crisis, she, alongside her apprentice Dr. Reid, left their home on Olympus, where Dr. Somers left her son Newton and headed to a black hole to mine the element.

That's all we've got on Horizon for the time being. For more information on the other Legends be sure to consult our Apex Legends characters guide.

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