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Apex Legends is fixing Bangalore's accidental invisibility bug

Have you seen her?

There's nothing quite as unsettling as being shot at in Apex Legends by a character that's just a gun and a floating head. As someone who plays Mirage, seeing a character essentially steal my abilities is bang out of order. Bangalore-out of order, actually, because she's the character that whose body was kind of... disappearing when wearing certain skins.

This attempt to usurp Mirage players is nearly over though, as Respawn are working on a fix to make Bangalore fully visible again.

A few weeks ago, players started noticing that a couple of Bangalore's legendary skins were misbehaving in-game, occasionally making her go completely transparent, with only her head, shoulders and whatever item she was holding remaining visible. I only came across the bug once myself, but I was so confused by what was happening at the time I didn't think to get any video. Reddit has my back though, as a few other players have managed to capture the unnatural phenomenon.

Invisible Bangalore! LMAO from r/apexlegends

Invisible Bangalore? from r/apexlegends

The offending skins, Overdrive and Killer B, have been disabled for now, so you'll have to either play the character who's meant to be able to go invisible, or just find a new favourite Bangalore skin for the time being. Respawn say the bad skins will be turned back on in a later patch.

This isn't the only bug that's been plaguing Apex since the start of Season 4, however. There's a fridge players have been hiding in to get the jump on other squads, and even sightings of dogs near the Harvester.

While I'm convinced that last one is just a Narruto-running Wraith, the phrasing of Respawn's Bangalore fixing tweet suggests there might be something in all this "doggone" wolf-speculation. Or they might be teasing us because we're looking hard for secret game lore again.

Despite its bugs, Apex is a great battle royale game - so great, in fact, we called it one of the best free games of 2020.

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