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Apex Legends kicks off Wraith-powered Voidwalker event today

I'm seeing double here: four Wraiths?

Wraith probably gets a bit of a bad rap. There are plenty of kooky characters in Apex Legends, but there's only one for the lone-wolves out there. I'm not here to judge, but if someone's run off from the team, nicked all the best gear, and refused to call in the dropship once you've been mown down by a pesky sniper, I'd put good money on them playing Wraith.

Apex Legends' new Voidwalker event goes live today, putting the world-hopping Legend under a more favourable spotlight.

A flashy new lore vid gives us a look at Wraith's experimental origins. When an archaeological dig goes wrong, our void-hopping hero does a murder on a scientist to save another version of herself who - quite rightly - has absolutely no idea what's going on. An ending twist reveals that it's this nervous youngster who ends up shooting about in the Apex games. That first Wraith probably went off for a nice nap.

It wouldn't be an Apex trailer if it didn't look far more stylish than the game itself, mind.

That's all well and good, but most folks aren't playing Apex Legends for the story. Voidwalker digs up an as-yet-undiscovered research facility in King's Canyon, replete with that juicy environmental storytelling and boasting a prototype portal. Whiffed your drop? Jump in and try that skydive again.

It might not be at Fortnite's blistering pace, but it's neat to see Respawn is willing to start messing with the map more frequently.

A new Limited Time Mode, Armed and Dangerous, mixes up a meta dominated by heavy pistols and rifles. Shotties and Snipers are your only tools, and the battle royale janitors haven't left as much loot lying about. New challenges want you to plug into Armed and Dangerous matches by tempting you with some limited-time loot.

Responding to this season's garbage loot box situation, Voidwalker's nice new loot will be on sale directly through the game's store. Non-Legendary event skins have also been cut to $5 a pop. Respawn has still added a bunch of fancy new items to the loot box pool, but they'll be rotating through the store and can be crafted as usual. Fair dos.

Voidwalker is free for all Apex players, running from today through September 17th. No word on the unannounced "Gibraltar saves the whales" mode that is definitely in the works. I hope.

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