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Apex Legends Mirage guide [Season 9]: abilities, tips and tricks

Use these top-tier Mirage tips and tricks to bamboozle enemies

Mirage, the so-called Holographic Trickster of Apex Legends characters, is perhaps the most satisfying Legend to play as when things go right. When you pull off that perfectly timed bamboozle or distraction with your holographic decoys... Man, it feels great. Our Apex Legends Mirage guide will show you how to make the most of Mirage's skillset, with a multitude of practical tips and strategies on each one.

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Apex Legends Mirage guide: strengths and weaknesses

Mirage at first seems like the one-trick-pony-est of one-trick-ponies. All his abilities - his Passive, his Tactical, and his Ultimate - revolve around the use of holographic decoys to confuse and distract enemy players. For this reason, his abilities have often been considered some of the weakest of all the characters in Apex Legends, because they lack utility and versatility; and also because, as time goes on, players learn to recognise Mirage's decoys and you can no longer rely on your enemies being fooled every time.

But that doesn't mean Mirage can't be deadly in the right hands - and it's also important to realise that you can use his abilities in a number of different situations and manners to shake up his toolset. His Ultimate is a fantastic panic button when used correctly that could give you time to heal up and rejoin the fight that another character might not have enjoyed. And his Tactical ability is similarly potent as a scouting tool for sniffing out enemy positions.

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Mirage abilities overview

As with all other Apex Legends characters, Mirage has access to three abilities: a Passive, which you benefit from without having to do anything; a Tactical, an activatable ability on short cooldown; and an Ultimate, which is (theoretically) your most powerful activatable ability, which must be charged over time before it can be used.

  • Passive: Now You See Me... - Automatically cloak when using Respawn Beacons and reviving teammates.
  • Tactical: Psyche Out - Send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy. You can control the decoy.
  • Ultimate: Life of the Party - Mirage deploys a team of controllable decoys to distract enemies.

Passive ability: Now You See Me...

The greatest strength of Mirage's Passive ability is the fact that while reviving a teammate, both you and the downed teammate are cloaked. This elevates Mirage to a similar standing to Lifeline when it comes to reviving allies. You are also cloaked while using a Respawn Beacon, which is less important since it's always the ship flying in that really highlights your position anyway.

Here are our top Now You See Me Passive tips for Mirage:

  • A hidden effect of Mirage's passive is that he himself will turn invisible for 5 seconds if he gets knocked, and leaves a decoy in his place. However, the decoy dies in a dramatic fashion that makes it clear what is happening to an enemy.

A screenshot of Mirage sending out a holographic decoy in front of him.

Tactical ability: Psyche Out

Using Mirage's Tactical ability will send out a holographic decoy in a straight line in front of you. The decoy will run until either it is forced to stop, or it reaches the spot you targeted. But at any time you can use the Alternate Interact button to force the decoy to perfectly mimic your movements from wherever it happens to be at the time, giving it a very lifelike appearance.

If any decoy is shot by an enemy, that enemy's position is highlighted for the real Mirage, allowing his team to gain vital information on enemy whereabouts.

Here are our top Psyche Out Tactical tips for Mirage:

  • Controlling a decoy allows it to mirror your movements, including walking, running, strafing, jumping, and sliding.
  • Each Mirage decoy has 45 Health, but if shot it will briefly flicker to reveal to an enemy that it is a decoy. Furthermore, decoys cannot stop bullets, so they cannot be used as cover.
  • You can activate this Tactical ability while skydiving at the start of a match, and it will send out a holographic decoy of your entire team in the specified direction.
  • The best use for this ability is for the purposes of scouting. Control the decoy and make it look as if you're peeking around a corner to check if there is an enemy waiting for you there.
  • If your decoy gets stuck or needs careful repositioning, you should make use of the ability to quickly toggle between stationary and mimicking your movements. By toggling when needed, you can manoeuvre your decoy with surprising precision.
  • Send a decoy into Nox Gas to bait the enemy Caustic into revealing their position.
  • It's often a good idea to make your movements quite predictable in order to make it seem like you're the decoy. It's a risky play, but if it works you'll have a huge advantage.

A screenshot of Mirage in the middle of a finishing move, where he bumps fists with his own decoy.

Ultimate ability: Life Of The Party

Mirage's new Ultimate, Life of the Party, is a hell of a trip for enemies. A circle of six decoys all moving in exactly the same way as the real Mirage is bound to cause trouble for opponents looking to quickly finish off the true enemy. Just before deploying the team, Mirage turns invisible for 1 second, preventing enemies from easily figuring out which is the real enemy.

Here are our top Life Of The Party Ultimate tips for Mirage:

  • This Ultimate ability synergises very well with your Passive, allowing you to sow confusion and buy time while you cloak and revive a fallen teammate.
  • Spread out from your decoys immediately after activating your Ultimate, because otherwise it's easy to shoot all decoys in the same burst and figure out who is the real Mirage.
  • Don't just use this ability defensively; the moment of hesitation of an enemy seeing all your decoys is often the perfect moment to attack.
  • It's a good idea to pop your ult in close-quarters situations when you need to reload your weapon. While you do, turn away from the enemy (fight that instinct to keep your eyes on them), because it increases the chances of the enemy shooting your decoys instead of you. Then turn around and blast them.

How to play Mirage - top Mirage tips and strategies

Finally, let's finish up with some more general tips and tricks on winning Apex Legends matches as Mirage.

  • Play aggressively to get the most out of Mirage's abilities. Mirage shines in unexpected ways the moment you abandon your initial impressions of how to play him, and adopt a more aggressive playstyle. Use your Ultimate and/or Tactical to initiate fights, sow confusion, and get up close from unexpected angles to end the fight quickly.
  • Use your Tactical as much as possible. The good news is that you have lots and lots of these tiny windows, because the cooldown on your Tactical is so low. Use it as often as possible: when healing, when reviving, when initiating, when scouting, when dropping.

And that's all we've got for now on the Holographic Trickster that is Mirage in Apex Legends. Hopefully you've learnt a thing or two about how you can use (or augment) his abilities. For full details and opinions on all of the characters together, take a look at our Apex Legends characters guide for everything you need.

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