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Apex Legends raises wallrunning from the dead for this year's Fight Or Fright

One hell of a Treat this year.

They're doing it! By god, they're doing it! Apex Legends is gearing up for its big Halloween monster mash - and this time, the demons are crawling all over the goddamn walls. This year's Fight or Fright event is bringing wallrunning back from Titanfall 2, but only for those Legends unfortunate enough to succumb to undeath.

Alright, that's one down. How long till our giant robots drop in the Apex arena, Respawn? They're doing no good gathering dust over in Titanfall's lobbies.

Fight Or Fright, ApeLegs' seasonal spook-mode, returns again this year. That means Shadow Royale is back. In case you missed it, Shadow Royale starts as a standard trios match, albeit on a nighttime version of King's Canyon. The catch? When you die, you become a demonic "Shadow" Legend, all crusty and shield-less with rotten flesh and only able to attack with your clawed, bare hands.

On the plus side, you're super zippy in this form - and this year, you'll be faster than ever. See, Respawn have hinted at the return of "certain...mobility enhancements...when playing as a Shadow Legend" that fans of previous games will immediately recognise. Combined with that header image? Best be ready for sprinting across some walls, folks - Just don't expect to Naruto-run while doing so.

To combat these undead pilots, it also looks like human (and, err, uncorrupted androids) will be getting some four-legged friends to help defend them. "Revenant is running a shelter for abandoned hell-beasts," the post hints, "and you might just end up adopting one to help you win the match."

Of course, the event also includes the standard cache of new and returning Halloween cosmetics, with a battle-pass adjacent prize track with which to unlock a number, loot-box free. It doesn't look like there are many stand-out new additions, unfortunately - or if there are, they certainly aren't being shown over on the event blog post. Fight Or Fright lurches out this Thursday, and will shamble along until November 3rd.

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