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Apex Legends Rampart guide [Season 7]: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

Use these Rampart tips and tricks to win more fights

Rampart may not be the newest kid on the block in Apex Legends anymore, but she's still attracting a lot of attention, with many players encountering at least one or two Ramparts in every match. A defence-oriented Legend with the ability to create her own cover and increase her team's damage potential, there's plenty to like about Rampart, despite her shortcomings. This Apex Legends Rampart guide will walk you through each of her abilities, with practical top tips on how to use them effectively.

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Apex Legends Rampart guide: strengths & weaknesses

Rampart, on the whole, is held back by a slightly underwhelming skillset, and that makes her one of the lowest-ranked Legends on our tier list. Her passive is only useful for LMGs, which most players in Season 7 look to replace with Assault Rifles and SMGs; and her ultimate, while powerful, makes her a sitting duck and takes time to set up and spin up.

The real reason to play as Rampart is her Amped Cover tactical, which can be used freely to zone an area, create cover out of nowhere, and increase the damage potential of your entire team. It becomes less useful in close quarters, but at mid-range it can get very dangerous and tricky to go up against an enemy Rampart who knows what they're doing with the Amped Cover barriers.

Rampart abilities overview

Let's go through each of Rampart's abilities one by one, with explanations on what each one does and how to use them effectively.

  • Modded Loader (Passive)
    • Increased magazine capacity and faster reloads when using LMGs and the Minigun.
  • Amped Cover (Tactical)
    • Build a crouch-cover wall, which deploys a full-cover amped wall that blocks incoming shots and amps outgoing shots. (Max: 5)
  • Emplaced Minigun "Sheila" (Ultimate)
    • Place a mounted machine gun that anyone can use. High ammo capacity, long reload time. (Max: 3)

Passive ability: Modded Loader

Modded Loader is one of the most lacklustre abilities in the entire Apex Legends abilities arsenal, sad to say. This passive will increase the magazine sizes of LMGs and the Minigun by 15%, and decreases their reload times by 25%.

Not much to talk about here. It's pleasant enough if you happen to like using LMGs (M600 Spitfire, Devotion, L-Star EMG), but as a passive it ranks pretty low in terms of overall usefulness compared with most other characters.

A screenshot of Rampart firing from the safety of one of her Amped Cover barriers.

Tactical ability: Amped Cover

Rampart's Tactical ability allows her to place down a half-height barrier. In the first 3 seconds of its lifetime, the barrier spawns an amped barrier above it, which blocks incoming shots (until destroyed) and increases the damage of outgoing shots by 20%.

Here are our top Amped Cover Tactical tips for Rampart:

  • While up to five Amped Covers can be in play at a time per Rampart, you only hold a max of 3 charges at a time. Undamaged cover can be picked up to restore a charge.
  • Deploy Amped Cover in a doorway to help fortify an indoor location, or protect yourself while pushing towards an indoor enemy. You can retrieve the Cover with a single tap and immediately pass through it, giving you the power to control the engagement.
  • The top portion can be passed through by character bodies, meaning the cover can be vaulted through by both allies and enemies. This limits the value of Amped Cover in close quarters situations.
  • The orientation of the barrier matters hugely, because the barrier can only be shot through from one side. Purple cover protects you, while orange cover leaves you vulnerable.
  • The top and bottom halves of the Amped Cover have different health pools. The top has 175 health and the bottom has 400 health. Moreover, the top can be destroyed in a single hit during its 3-second creation time.
  • Enemies can view the health of the energy barrier portion thanks to an icon made up of hexagons which disappear with damage dealt. Each hexagon is worth 25 health.

A screenshot of Rampart aiming down the sights of Sheila, her Ultimate Minigun.

Ultimate ability: Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"

Rampart's Ultimate ability is to deploy "Sheila", a powerful stationary minigun, in front of her. This minigun takes time to set up, after which it can be used by anyone. Right-click to spin up the gun and left-click to fire. The gun must be spinning at full speed before you can shoot.

Here are our top Emplaced Minigun "Sheila" Ultimate tips for Rampart:

  • The minigun deals very high DPS, particularly when shot through Amped Cover. You should always place Amped Cover anyway when using Sheila, because otherwise you'll be stationary and vulnerable.
  • The accuracy of your shots with the minigun starts off fairly low, but increases the longer you fire. This makes Rampart the best candidate for using the minigun, because her passive gives her more time to shoot while the gun is at its most accurate.
  • Aiming down sights allows you to toggle between two different zoom levels with the minigun: 1x and 3x.
  • You have infinite reserve ammo with the minigun, but are limited by the magazine size of 150 (173 with Rampart's Passive).
  • While considered underpowered at the moment, Rampart's Ultimate is still powerful in situations where an enemy is guaranteed to appear in front of you. If there's a chokepoint nearby, place down your minigun, fortify it with Amped Cover, and get ready.
  • You can place Sheila down upon other things besides terrain. Two of the most common tactics are to place it down on a Trident hovercar, and - even more dangerous and cheesy - on top of Crypto's drone, allowing him to fly Rampart and Sheila around while she shoots at enemies.
An early pre-Season 1 comparison of the hitboxes of various Apex Legends characters.
Click the above image to view it at highest resolution.

Rampart hitbox vs other Legends

Apex Legends characters all have differently sized hitboxes, a fact which caused a bit of controversy in the early days of the battle royale. Nowadays, the discrepancies in hitbox size are addressed by two additional Passives shared out among several Legends:

  • Fortified is for the larger Legends (Caustic and Gibraltar), and gives them a 15% damage reduction and immunity to slowdown when hit by bullets.
  • Low Profile is for the smaller, harder to hit Legends (Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith, and Wattson) and makes them take 5% more damage from all sources.

Rampart's hitbox is about as small as you can get without justifying the Low Profile perk, which puts her in a great position when it comes to avoiding gunfire. Couple this with her Amped Cover barriers and it can get very tricky to land even a single shot on a good Rampart main unless you get up close and personal with them.

How to play Rampart - top tips and tricks

Finally, let's finish up with some more general tips and tricks on winning Apex Legends matches as Rampart.

  • Focus less on your Passive and Ultimate, and more on your Tactical. As things currently stand, the Amped Cover really is the main lure for playing as Rampart, and Sheila more often than not gets you into trouble. Be quick with your Amped Cover deployment though, and you can turn the tide of a fight.
  • Rampart excels at mid-to-long-range fights. As discussed, Amped Cover is less useful in close quarters, which means Rampart is best suited for medium range encounters. Use this to influence your weapon choice. Pick up a Hemlok or Scout and find out the damage it can caused while amped.

And that's all we've got for now on Rampart and her abilities. For more information on all the different Legends on offer, look no further than our Apex Legends characters guide.

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