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Apex Legends Season 15: Release date, new map, new Legend, and more

Read on for details about the Season 15 map and new Legend

What will be added to Apex Legends in Season 15? Thanks to a spate of recent leaks containing datamined information, we now have more information about what's coming in Season 15 of Apex Legends than I think we've ever had about an upcoming season update this early on. Titled Apex Legends: Eclipse, this massive update will add a whole new map to the game, alongside a new Legend, possibly a new weapon, and a host of skins and other bits of content. Let's take a closer look at everything that is coming in Apex Legends Season 15 below.

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Apex Legends Season 15 release date

Apex Legends Season 15 will launch on Tuesday 1st November 2022. This is borne out by the information in-game about Season 14's Battle Pass, which will continue to run until 1st November. When the Battle Pass ends, we can expect an hour or two of server downtime while Respawn switch everything over to the new update; and then Season 15 will begin.

The 1st November date was also confirmed recently by a tweet from Tom Henderson, a prominent and reliable leaker of information for many games, Apex included. He also revealed in the same tweet that Season 15 will be called Apex Legends: Eclipse.

What is the theme for Apex Legends: Eclipse?

We don't have much information on the overall theme for Season 15 of Apex Legends, but given its name (Eclipse) and the knowledge that we have a new map which takes place on a moon (more on this below), there's a very high expectation that Season 15 will focus on Seer's lore and backstory.

Seer was added as a playable character in Season 10, and compared to other character releases, there really wasn't much revealed about Seer's background. We know that he was considered a bad omen after a meteor struck his world's moon on the day of his birth. After that... All we really know is that he was drawn to the theatricality of the Apex Games. So there's a wealth of untapped potential in this fascinating character which it looks like players will learn much more about in Season 15.

There's also widespread speculation that Season 15's apparent focus on Seer means we'll see a Seer Heirloom added to Apex Legends with Eclipse, though this is not confirmed.

Divided Moon - the new Apex Legends map

A work-in-progress version of the upcoming Divided Moon map in Apex Legends.

The biggest addition to Apex Legends Season 15 is the new map, called Divided Moon. Thanks to recent leaks, we have an idea of the sort of map to expect with Divided Moon - judging from the size of the first ring in the above screenshot, it looks like it'll be the second-smallest map so far, only slightly larger than Olympus. Unlike Storm Point, the most recent addition to the map roster, there's no overall slope to the terrain. Everything is more or less on the same level, but line of sight is broken up by large chunks of moon rock in a manner reminiscent of Kings Canyon, the original Apex Legends map.

The structures themselves look quite similar to those of Olympus - and, like with Olympus, it seems that Respawn are playing around a bit with the concept of gravity with Divided Moon. Several points of interest have chasms filled with floating rocks. It's unclear what happens if you fall into one of these chasms, but it's a safe bet that you'll be jetpacked to safety, much like the current mechanic in World's Edge and Olympus.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Divided Moon for many players is that it looks like the map will have a constantly running train moving across the map, just like World's Edge used to have when it was first released. The train was always a fan favourite aspect of World's Edge and many players have been waiting for it to return, so it'll doubtless be a very welcome addition to Divided Moon. It seems like this will be the main form of long-distance transport across the new map, so it's unlikely we'll see any Tridents making their way to Divided Moon - though this of course could be proven wrong as more details are released in the days and weeks to come.

In any case, Divided Moon will likely dominate the first several days of Season 15, as is customary when a new map is added at the beginning of a Season. It's expected that Storm Point will be vaulted for the time being, and Olympus will come back into rotation alongside Divided Moon and either Kings Canyon or World's Edge (or possibly both!).

Who is the new Apex Legends Season 15 character?

A new Season means a new Legend. We don't have firm details yet on which character will be released with Apex Legends: Eclipse, but based on recent leaks, findings, and rumours from the playerbase, it seems like the new Legend will be either Catalyst or Husaria.


A leaked screenshot of the Legend select screen from a pre-release build of Apex Legends showcasing upcoming Legend Catalyst and her abilities.

The frontrunner for Season 15's new Legend appears to be Catalyst. The so-called "Creative Builder", Catalyst utilises a malleable smart substance known as ferrofluid to create simplistic structures at will. Here are her datamined abilities:

  • Passive: Reinforce - Standing near your ferrofluid structures, doors, and other Legends' placeables will strengthen their integrity and allow them to take significantly more damage.
  • Tactical: Ferro Shot - On impact, the shot creates a ramp of hardened ferrofluid that can be extended with more shots. Can also be used to create platforms on walls (Max 3 structures).
  • Ultimate: Iron Tower - Ferrofluid rises up from below, pushing you upwards while creating a tall solid column under you.

It will be very interesting to have this kind of slightly Fortnite-esque building mechanic introduced into Apex Legends if Catalyst arrives in Season 15. And there's good reason to believe Catalyst is the next Legend to arrive, after several datamined references to the Legend were found by leakers, including a holospray texture which depicts a not-yet-revealed Legend alongside the words "Guardian Angel". The name of the Holospray contains the word "catalyst", so the signs appear fairly strong that Catalyst will be joining the Apex Games soon.

As for who Catalyst truly is, that's still unknown. The prevailing theory so far is that Catalyst is an alias for Mila, Crypto's foster sister, who was kidnapped by The Syndicate after breaking into their secure network. Crypto was then framed for her murder after she disappeared, which forced him to go on the run to avoid capture until he joined the Apex Games in Season 3 as part of his revenge plot against The Syndicate.


A screenshot of an Apex Legends directory in Windows Explorer, with a folder named "Husaria" highlighted.

Recently players noticed that within the files of Apex Legends there is reference to a Legend called Husaria. This is interesting because Husaria is known to have been a character in the works several seasons ago, but it was thought that Husaria eventually became Mad Maggie, the Legend released with Season 12.

So why is Husaria suddenly appearing again in Apex's files? It could be that Husaria is a codename used for whoever the next Legend might be (so it could still be Catalyst, under the moniker of Husaria). But it's also worth noting that leakers have revealed datamined abilities for a Legend called Husaria:

  • Passive: Shotgun Kick - You have a shotgun on your leg that fires when you melee doors or enemies. Requires shotgun ammo. Using your abilities grants you a brief speed boost.
  • Tactical: Flashbang - Throw a grenade that briefly blinds and deafens opponents.
  • Ultimate: Concussive Breaching Charge - Plant a breaching charge that fires a sonic wave through walls to destroy traps, force open doors, and disorient enemies.

This all sounds very familiar - a passive relating to shotguns and speed boosts, and a breaching charge that fires through walls and destroys enemy structures? It could be that these datamined abilities are simply remnants from an early version of Mad Maggie.

So it's likely that even if Husaria is the new Legend arriving in Season 15, their abilities won't arrive exactly in the above form. But even so, it's worth mentioning that Husaria could be a name thrown around a lot more as we await more details of the Season 15 character.

Will there be new weapons in Season 15?

A screenshot of a player in a pre-release build of Apex Legends wielding the Fanatic pistols akimbo in the Firing Range.

Once upon a time, Respawn would release a weapon with every new Season. Nowadays however, new weapons are much rarer, because in Respawn's eyes the weapon pool is in a very good place at the moment. The last weapon to be added to Apex was the CAR SMG, added in Season 11.

But while it's far from certain that Season 15 will introduce a new weapon, we know from leaks several seasons ago that there are new weapons in the works. One such weapon is the Nemesis, a burst Assault Rifle like the Hemlok, but one which charges up as it damages enemies until at full charge it becomes a fully automatic weapon.

There are other weapons seemingly in the works as well, from the Fanatic akimbo pistols to the Scorpion C80, a so-called full-auto crossbow. Perhaps the most interesting new weapon we've heard about is the Gemini SMG, a fairly ordinary Energy ammo SMG, but one which gains boosts to fire rate and handling speeds when you carry two Geminis, one in each weapon slot. Fascinating!

Take a look at early versions of all these weapons in this video by YouTuber "bobz".

What balance changes might we see in Season 15?

Vantage uses her eyepiece to look off into the distance in Apex Legends.

As for overall Legend balance changes, it's much harder to pin down what we might see once Season 15 arrives. The most recent Legend, Vantage, may well receive some bug fixes and tweaks, most likely to her Tactical ability. I don't think there are any top-tier Legends that need particular nerfs to bring them in line with the rest of the roster, so if there are any major Legend changes I expect it will be to buff Legends lower down in the Apex Legends tier list, such as Crypto, Pathfinder, or Wattson.

This is all very much just speculation at the moment, though. We'll gain more intel on upcoming Legend balance changes as we inch closer to November.

New Season 15 Battle Pass, skins, and events

Loba fires an Assault Rifle off-screen in Apex Legends.

Season 15 will of course bring a new Battle Pass to Apex Legends, and thanks to recent leaks we know that the theme of the Battle Pass skins for both Legends and weapons will be "Magic Goth". It conjures a rather interesting image, that theme. We haven't yet seen any of these new skins but suffice it to say they will be both gothic and magical in style.

Files for the following weapons and characters have been found in the game files for Season 15's Battle Pass:

Loba Legend Epic
Seer Legend Epic
Gibraltar Legend Rare
Alternator Weapon Epic + Rare
R-301 Carbine Weapon Epic
30-30 Repeater Weapon Rare
EVA-8 Weapon Rare
Flatline Weapon Rare
L-Star Weapon Rare
Mastiff Weapon Rare
Prowler Weapon Rare
R-99 Weapon Rare
Rampage Weapon Rare
RE-45 Weapon Rare
Sentinel Weapon Rare
Spitfire Weapon Rare
Triple Take Weapon Rare
Wingman Weapon Rare

Leaks have also confirmed a Season 15 Collection Event, codenamed "Magic Snow Beast" in the game files, which will offer players the opportunity to get a Legendary Newcastle skin, along with Epic skins for Horizon, Mad Maggie, Mirage, and Wraith.

And there will also be a Thematic Event codenamed "Magic Witch" (lots of magic in Season 15, apparently!), offering players Epic skins for Lifeline, Rampart, Revenant, and Valkyrie, as well as Rare skins for Wraith and the Alternator.

That's everything we know so far about the upcoming Apex Legends: Eclipse, Season 15 of Respawn's peerless battle royale. If you're looking to brush up on your skills between now and then, be sure to check out our Apex Legends tips and tricks guide. You can also check out our guide to the best guns in Apex Legends to make sure you enter every battle as well-equipped as possible.

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