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Apex Legends Season 2 will let you go right up to those big stompy boys

Hello friends

Get your Apelegs pumping. You'll need them to run away from the dinos and dragons about to be unleashed on Kings Canyon, come July 2nd. They're part of a menagerie of map changes in Apex Legends Season 2, as shown off yesterday in two leaked trailers. Developers Respawn Entertainment have since officially released the trailers, mentioned they're rather sad about the whole leak thing, and told us when they're gonna go into more detail about how weekly challenges and Ranked leagues are going to work.

I don't particularly care about either of those, but I am very happy about the dinosaur.

The new season is called "Battle Charge". Let's charge into the in-game shooty trailer first, shall we?

That's the stuff. Interesting map changes hooked up to a story, à la Fortnite. Epic's monolith is far from the best royal battler in my book, but I'm glad to see Apelegs pinching a few leaves from it. This isn't quite so delightfully weird, but as far as I'm aware Fortnite has never let a huge alien dinosaur romp about the map squashing people. And I'll eat my new gaudy "Prince of Darkness Legendary Skin" if you can't shoot those dragon cages to set 'em on nearby foes.

Some of the big lizzes are actually already flapping about, and for now they've left players well alone. They're dragons, though. Remaining incidental doesn't seem like it's in their nature.

I also like how that nasty ashen zone in the north east is now full of greenery and termites. Partly just because it looks nicer this way, and partly because those termite nests look like they might be big enough to hide in.

That's enough of my unsupported coward fantasies. I'll leave you to glean what more you can from this cinematic trailer. Or to just enjoy the good dragon 'bwong'.

Season 2 will also bring a new gun, a new legend, a ranked mode and cosmetic gubbins. For all the details on these and more, look no further than Ollie's Apex Legends Season 2 guide.

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