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Apex Legends Season 3 invests in Crypto next month

Bitcoin: Not Even Once

Like any good hacker, Crypto - not to be confused with Krypto, The Superdog - has been quietly operating behind the scenes for a long time. He's taken the spotlight before, blowing up the dinosaur-b-gone tower that kicked off Apex Legends' first season, but we've never caught sight of this mysterious bad boy. In the last few days, that's begun to change. After making fleeting appearances and BSOD'ing terminals all around Kings Canyon, Crypto is ready to take a one-way trip to Apex Legends on October 1st.

As per, ApeLegs dropped another flashy trailer to show off the new murderboy. And as per, they've gone for this slick anime style that's infinitely cooler than the muddy smear of Apex proper. Come on, Respawn, all I'm asking for is Jet Set Radio with buttslides and bloodbaths.

The next Season of not-Titanfall royale was unveiled last night, and it's a doozy. ApeLegs' plot has been slowly heating up with secret labs and dinosaurs, and Respawn figure it's time to kick things into Meltdown (that's what they're calling this season, at least). I've not had much time to drop in these days but watching Apex find its feet as a world of jolly cyberpunk nonsense has been one hell of a ride.

Between his fleeting in-game tease and the marked appearance of flying bots in his trailer, Crypto looks to be a disruptive Legend with plenty of drone support. It wouldn't be shocking if he had plenty of hacking tricks up those cybersleeves - perhaps ApeLegs' answer to Overwatch's Sombra, albeit without that disastrous ARG. I expect we'll get a closer look at Crypto's kit as we approach his arrival next month.

Beyond Hackerman's debut, Season 3 brings along a new battle pass. Respawn had a bit of a tough time nailing down what a battle pass should look like, but hopefully, they've learned not to cram it full of loot boxes this time around.

Season 3 also brings another piece of Titan-busting kit into the Apex games. The Charge rifle was a nice, reliable mech-buster back in Titanfall 2. In the sadly robot-free world of ApeLegs, it's a precision killer with a hefty wind-up. Respawn have also been more active in breaking apart the Apex arena, Expect potential map changes.

ApeLegs goes into Meltdown when Season 3 launches on October 1st.

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